Sodastream starts the new year with a campaign by the Viennese creative and digital agency isobar.

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isobar wins the pitch for the new moving image appearance: Sodastream starts the new year with a campaign by the Viennese creative and digital agency isobar.

When isobar Wien was invited to pitch for the new Sodastream campaign in 2019, a commercial for Austria was planned. The creative idea, developed by the isobar team around Client Service Director Erich Holzbauer, not only beat the competition, but also convinced the audience that the campaign will now be broadcasted in Germany, too.

The concept was developed on the basis of an insight: For a large number of people it is difficult to break away from unpleasant habits. Based on this, isobar created "Don't carry it around with you": the motto of a therapy group in which the participants want to get rid of carrying plastic bottles in a humorous way. The campaign tells the story of main actor Robert and his experiences in the group. The different spots are tailored to the respective target groups and channels.

"isobar´s idea inspired us from the very first presentation. It communicates our two core messages of convenience and sustainability in a nutshell and is not only humorous, but also extremely campaign-capable. A combination that you don't find very often. This has also been confirmed by successful pre-tests," explains Julian Hessel, Marketing Director. Wolfgang Kindermann, Creative Director isobar, returns the compliment: "Sodastream is a stroke of luck for creative people: the brand has two USPs at once (no dragging, fewer plastic bottles). The customer wanted a strong, funny idea and consistently supported it".

Last but not least, the aspect of plastic avoidance also fits perfectly with the sustainability program of dentsu (parent company of isobar), which includes waste avoidance, recycling and waste collection activities. In order to dramatize the problem of plastic and packaging waste, a "waste tree" was erected at the Vienna headquarters this year instead of a Christmas tree: built from waste collected by employees.

Client: Sodastream

Julian Hessel: Marketing Direktor

Martin Plothe: Marketing Manager

Tim Günther: Brand Manager Österreich

Agency: isobar Werbeagentur GmbH

Client Service Director: Erich Holzbauer

Creative Director: Wolfgang Kindermann

Art Director: Christian Homann

Concept: Kreation isobar

Text: Wolfgang Kindermann

Production: Das Rund

Director: Michael Toft

Soundstudio: Studio Wunderbar