Index on professional equality between men and women

By declaring as a great national cause of the five-year period, the French government has made professional gender equality as one of the top priorities.

This priority was notably reflected by the law “loi Avenir professionnel”, which introduced a guaranteed result with regard to professional equality between women and men.

To enable companies to measure their progress in this domain and, if necessary, to set up remedial actions, the government has set up place a Gender Equality Index, which we are publishing today the results.

Performance measurement indicators:

There are 5 indicators in companies (UES) with more than 250 employees.

Each indicator is associated with a number of points for a total score of up to 100 points.

IndicatorsImpactScoreScore Dentsu Aegis Network France
Pay gap between women and men40 %From 0 to 40 points35
Rate differentials of individuals wage increases20 %From 0 to 20 points20
Rate differentials of promotions (In companies (UES) with more than 250 employees)15 %From 0 to 15 points15
Percentage of employees with salary increased on their return from maternity leave*15 %From 0 to 15 points15
Number of employees for the under-represented sex among the top 10 earners10 %From 0 to 10 points5
Total100 %From 0 to 100 points90

* 15 points are awarded to companies that have 100% employees who have had an salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave.

Otherwise, none are allocated on this indicator.

Our results and actions

The UES of Dentsu Aegis Network France have scored 90 out of 100 points.

We have already analyzed this result and identified actions to be implemented in order to obtain, at the latest within 2 years, a professional equality index that is greater than or equal to 75 points.

To achieve this goal, Dentsu Aegis Network France sets high goals to promote gender equality. These objectives are also part of the Group's priorities in terms of gender diversity and parity :

Minimize wage inequalities :

Several actions will support this goal. Among others, Dentsu Aegis Network France involves to pay special attention to the wages of women returning from maternity leave and renews, also for this year, the specific envelope equal to 0.5% of the payroll, intended to eliminate inequalities of remuneration between men and women.

Involve to a balanced leadership by promoting and encouraging women's access to a high-profile position.

On 70% of our 20 largest markets, more than 50% of our employees are women and one third of our most important roles are held by women. This number continues to grow as we continue to invest and develop our female talents through targeted programs that offer career opportunities and effective talent planning. We are convinced that a diversified company is a stronger company.

Set up complementary measures around maternity and paternity:

We want to make it easier for men and women to return to work after their maternity or paternity leave by setting up appropriate development programs.

Promoting a healthy balance between professional and family life:

Through the development of teleworking and adaptive & flexible forms of working time, and fuelled by the growth of our regional offices, we want to achieve an increasingly inclusive work environment, which will allow 100% of our talents to participate to the growth of our group.

Encourage responsible and diverse advertising

A diversified representation that continues to push the limits every day: this is the ambition of Dentsu worldwide, and France is committed to becoming an exemplary source of inspiration in terms of parity and diversity with our customers.

Closing the gap in digital engagement:
The 2018 Digital Society Index revealed that women's engagement is lower than men's, which reinforces the challenge of diversity in the digital industries. Action must be taken to give women the skills and experiences they need to embrace the digital economy more optimistically.

Finally, in order to set the commitments, Dentsu Aegis Network France will soon sign the charter “Jamais sans Elles”.