As the clock is ticking on third-party cookies, our report cuts through the ambient noise to help you prepare for the cookieless world.

Most technology platforms have recently implemented or announced restrictions around data collection and user tracking through their web browsers and operating systems.

In the short term, it is undoubtedly a source of conundrums for many marketers and publishers. Processes, ways of working, legal compliance efforts, technology stacks, customer data strategies – even business models – must be reviewed and rethought to limit business disruption. Yet, in the long term, it offers a unique opportunity to rebuild trust between brands and consumers around the data issue.

In the midst of sensationalist headlines, technical solutions still being worked out, and a lack of shared standards to get behind, it is normal for marketers to feel lost and nervous. In this new definitive guide for global marketers, we rise above unique market perspectives to help you focus on what you should know today and investigate tomorrow to be ready in 2023, when the world will become cookieless.