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Engagements in less than 24hours


Haircare communication in Indonesia is very cluttered. Dominated by shampoo category that always shows one similar benefit: just by shampooing alone a beautiful elegant celebrity can have beautiful hair.

Consumers have a hard time differentiating one product from another and have no reasons to use additional products, leading to the decline of conditioner category growth year after year. When shampoo already hit 98% penetration, the conditioner category in Indonesia stay low at 16%.


To show Pantene Miracle's superiority, we demonstrate how the product works using a personality no other beauty brand ever think of.

We choose a male influencer with ‘Short-Fused’ temperament and having long unruly hair; Keanu Angelo (IG: @keanuagl).

We are journeying with him through his hair transformation in social media until his hair is fully charged, and so does his presence in beauty entertainment universe. Pantene launched the first ever male model appearance in Pantene Indonesia’s commercial and it become viral in less than 24 hours.

Not stopping there, the bold move on picking male figure to represent Pantene also bring up the equality and inclusion topics, something that align with Pantene’s mission: “Provide great hair day for everyone”.


Indonesians went wild over the video commercial – they viewed it, shared it, and finally it went become viral ads in P&G Indonesia’s History!


  • 23million impressions, 98thousand engagements in less than 24hours
  • Become news in 52 Publishers and 300 contents created across KOL, publisher and viral accounts in Indonesia, valued at $142.000, all free!

Business Result:

  • After years of decline, Pantene experiencing double digit growth at 114%.
  • The campaign established Pantene Miracles position as a conditioner growth driver, growing 11.5% on Past 3 Months Rolling vs Year Average.
  • Pantene Conditioner contribution to total category rise to 60.7%.


  • Gold and Silver in Marketing Interactive’s Hashtag Asia Awards
  • 2 Gold, 2 Bronzes, 1 Best in Show in MMA Smarties Indonesia 2022
  • 1 Gold, 2 Silver in Mob-Ex2022
  • 2 Gold, 2 Bronzes, 1 Silver in Marketing Excellence Award 2022
  • Shortlisted in 6 Categories of Busan MAD STARS 2022
  • Shortlisted in 9 categories of Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival 2022