visited the exhibition with IDR 4 billion worth of media exposure during 2 months pilot project


collaborative demands with the artists


Approximately 75 million people around the world are diagnosed on the autism spectrum, or what we call “neurodivergent”. They have higher theta/beta ratio brainwave frequency in the frontal brain region compared to a regular person. Their minds are different, and the world sees this as a liability and thus unfit for employment - when in fact, it is the very reason they possess unique creative potential.

How can we change the chances for neurodivergent to enter the art market and thrive as an artist?

Insight and strategy

We attract attention by using the hottest record label among youth in Indonesia to introduce the art to the public. The artworks are displayed at music concerts and captured by the media organically. Through this strategy we manage to convert the fan base from the popular musician, into visitors of ARTISM Exhibition, capturing attention of youth across the nation.

This leads to several institutions willing to give space for the artworks to be displayed such as in several videotron on the cities. We also collaborate with popular coffee shops and create a mini exhibition with QR code that leads to the real exhibition on the Spotify Canvas.

Visitors are also encouraged to share the canvas through social media, amplifying the digital impact of the exhibition and gaining massive awareness.

Execution / Solution / Innovation

We’ve discovered that the mind of autistic people could be unlocked through the power of music. We then conducted studies on the effects of Binaural Beats on the brainwave of artists with autism spectrum.

Specific binaural beats in alpha range are incorporated into chosen songs. Artists with autism spectrum will create art while listening to the binaural boosted music. This boost of binaural beats are proven effective as their attention peaks were enhanced, thus making it easier for them to concentrate on creative tasks.

The result is a whole new kind of art that is exhibited on Spotify Canvas. Which can be accessed by everyone through the ARTISM EXHIBITION: Binaural Beats Mix official playlist.

The pilot project is running for 2 months, but the playlist where the exhibition takes place is becoming an official playlist that exists permanently on Spotify.

The pilot project is set up on a national scale and escalated to global scale.


  • Reach:
    On 2 months pilot project more than 40 million people visit the exhibition with IDR 4 billion worth of media exposure.
  • Engagement:
    International brands approaching collaborative works. The artworks gained a massive audience at live concerts. The gallery was brought to life by brands sharing free spaces. Institutions supported the cause by giving free media placement.
  • Sales:
    Collaborative demands with the artists have increased up to 200% in the forms of leads, brand collaborations, media exposure and events.
  • Achievement against business targets:
    Confidence among parents with a child on the autism spectrum has arisen, that there is hope for their children to be able to make a living through art.
  • Brand Perception:
    Kreaby as a creative studio that empowers artists on the autism spectrum, has gained attention from the art scene and the brand has been viewed as the pioneer in bringing the issue of neurodivergent inclusivity.


  • Shortlisted in the "Media: Use of Mobile" category at The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
  • 6X Bronze & 2X Silver winner at Citra Pariwara Festival