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LinkAja, a brand who believes in equal rights to financial access, wanted to stand up for 7.9 million Indonesian single mothers in Indonesia, who work as the breadwinner for their family, yet their status are still being judged as taboo in the society.


"Many moms feel guilty when she became a single mother. While the children don’t actually feel that it was a mistake." That is the insight and key message that become the foundation to create this film, especially in Indonesia where becoming a single mother is still being considered as taboo in the society. We create a social experiment film to reveal the truth, and change perspectives towards working single mothers. To spark the conversation, we launched the film on National Father's day. So, Happy Father's Day to all Single Mother. We maximised the social media role in our own assets, by mentioning public figures, politicians, and activists that are related to the topic. In just one day, the film got massive organic views and impressions in Indonesia.


In just one day, the film got 2 Million organic views, 2.3K organic shares, in its own channels alone. Becoming the most shared content for the brand in 2020. The film also initiated public figures and politicians to talk about changing perspectives towards working single mothers, even pushing a government policy to support single mothers in this pandemic.


2 Bronzes at Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival 2021

Finalist at Spikes Asia 2021

Finalist at Adstars 2021