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women have received support through seamless financial learning and training


Out of the 64 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) contributing 60% to Indonesia's GDP, 64% are managed by women. However, patriarchal conditions make it difficult for women to compete in the workplace, forcing them to create their own businesses. 

Despite their significant contributions, women entrepreneurs remain hard to reach and lack access to financial support, as most funding programs in Indonesia still prioritize men.


In response to OCBC's brief to engage these hard-to-reach womenpreneurs and help them achieve financial independence, we created a solution that utilized the closest tool in their daily business - money. 

Our augmented reality (AR) platform, CurrenShe, transformed banknotes into a portal, connecting women to tailored financial services, including business coaching, financial consultation, and capital investment funding. 

CurrenShe highlighted women warriors across the six different denominations that are typically dominated by men. Each story, illustration, voice-over, dialect, and music was crafted based on the real history of these women warriors and fact-checked by a credible historian. At the end of the filter, we directed users to a program hub that connects them to financial services and products. 

The campaign was socialized across mediums: Starting from online to offline and on-ground. Through OCBC NISP CurrenShe, we're assisting these women at every step to provide access that shapes them into strong modern warriors, fighting & leading for their brighter future. 


This year, loans worth USD 193 million were lent to 1248 womenpreneurs from OCBC NISP, representing a 38.2% YoY increase. 

Over 5,000 women have received support through seamless financial learning and training 

The AR filter has been used by over 10,000 people and has appeared more than 700,000 times across social platforms, resulting in a total earned media and PR value of up to US$350,000. Additionally, over 150,000 people attended our AR art exhibition. 

The OCBC NISP CurrenShe initiative has sparked inspiring conversations not only in Indonesia but also internationally. 

Above all, this campaign has demonstrated that with the right support, every woman can become a woman warrior and achieve financial independence.


  • 2X Bronze winner at Spikes Asia Award
  • 1X Silver & 5X Bronze winner at Citra Pariwara Festival