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Between 2014 to 2018, the disposable-baby-diaper market has tripled as more affordable diaper products are penetrating the market and acquired more moms to use disposable-diaper for its superior practicality compared to cloth-diaper. Unfortunately, they do not aware and/or have enough consciousness about the proper disposal of used-baby-diapers, which leads to environmental damage as many diaper wastes end up polluting the rivers.

Realizing how baby diaper wastes have become a latent environmental issue, Merries as one of the baby diaper manufacturers wants to initiate a behavior-change movement to encourage customers’ awareness and participation.


Merries Senyumkan Lingkungan (Merries Makes the Environment Smile) is one of Kao Indonesia’s proof of commitment in giving positive contributions to the environment by reducing the waste of used baby diapers. Through this program, Merries educates and invites moms to dispose of used baby diapers with a proper procedure and participate in the recycling of used baby diapers. 

The key portion of this pilot project is for Merries to collect the used baby diapers in several areas in West Jakarta and upcycle them into more useful items. Through collaborative initiatives with relevant stakeholders, Kao aims to consistently improve the quality of people's lives and contribute to a sustainable society and environment.

Parents can participate in this movement through the following mechanism:

1.     Tear the sides and roll the used diapers, separated from other wastes.

2.     Submit to participating community health center (Puskesmas) around the West-Jakarta area

Merries collect all the submissions and process them with “Go Limbah” a partnering recycling facility in West Java. The recycling process uses hydrothermal technology to produce fuel oil and fiber to produce bricks and flowerpots.


1.     More than 7 tonnes of used diapers were collected with the participation of and 1400 mothers through 28 community health centers.

2.     PR value along through the collaboration with the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) unit of West Jakarta Government, headed by the wife of the city major.

3.     Sustainable brand exposure by giving back the resulted flowerpot with Merries branding to the participating moms to be used in their home garden.