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increase of termed mutual fund product takers from emerging affluent segment


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In 2019 OCBC established its brand value and story. Now, it is time for them to move from an inspiring brand to truly enabling Indonesian to be financially healthy. Nyala and One Mobile will be the entry point for people to experience their brand and product value, thus more conversion is needed for their campaign. OCBC still need to penetrate the younger segment to increase its brand image, get more financial activity, as well as nurture its future customer.

Dentsu is challenged to deliver both OCBC brand value and at the same time convert young people to use Nyala & One Mobile. Following the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic in Indonesia, how was dentsu going to achieve the objectives through OCBC’s upcoming campaign?


The pandemic full of uncertainties has changed how the 20s use and see their money. It becomes a crossroad for them to choose, will Covid19 be the start of their journey to become young dumb, and broke in the future or their first step to being financially empowered? EVERY 20 MATTERS: The recent crisis can teach the 20s that their future is uncertain, but they have the power to save it. As the young generation, they can prepare themselves for anything that can happen in the future by saving at least IDR 20K every day. 

#Save20 - A movement to enable the 20s in Indonesia to be financially healthier in the future by saving IDR 20K every day through OCBC NISP.


• 200% Monthly downloads of the mobile app

• Termed Mutual Fund product takers from the Emerging Affluent segment increased by 500%.

• Online Termed Savings increased by 179%

• Digital Mutual Fund increased by 200%


2 Golds at Youtube Works 2021

1 Gold and 3 Bronzes at MMA Smarties Indonesia 2021

2 Golds, 1 Silver at Campaign’s Event Marketing Award 2021

1 Bronze at Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival 2020

1 Exciting Campaign Winner on Asia’s TikTok Trendsetter Award

2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze at APAC Stevie Award