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Ruangguru, the leading EduTech company, wanted to increase the App Download penetration and new user base by double digits making the education module widely adopted by parents and elementary school students. 

Improve the conversion rate from a trialist to a premium subscriber at a much-accelerated rate driven by media.

Due to the lockdown and massive social distancing protocols during COVI-19, schools were closed, academic calendar got completely disrupted. Ruangguru rose up to the occasion to address the rising anxieties’ of parents.

However, it encountered three barriers :

  • Streaming education content and tutorials needed a smooth internet connection and it’s a challenge in Indonesia
  • Parents also not fully aware of the Ruangguru app usage and applications
  • Lack of time for parents to manage children's education and other chores

Ruangguru delivered by providing them a learning experience through mass media education using Free-to-air (FTA) TV. FTA TV is still the number one media channel that has huge numbers of penetration across the country (95% penetration based on Nielsen CMV Data 2020).  

By utilizing this avenue, Ruangguru can disproportionately increase the number of new users and new trialists to the app. Also facilitate the learning, and usage of apps so that there is no disruption in education

On the other hand, production houses were closed due to lockdown. TV Channels were doing re-runs due to a lack of fresh content. Broadcasters were also struggling to air the purposeful content that consumers would like to see and advertisers would like to invest in. 

The real magic happened when a win-win situation worked out when all TV stations came forward and helped in providing them Ruangguru’s education modules and converting those into audience-addressable programming formats.


Our mission was very clear, Ruangguru wanted to take a higher level up, we elevated the brand act from mainstream Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Creating Shared Value (CSV) for the client as well as the customers. 

We rejigged the delivery of education through a media-led initiative by creating “RUANGGURU TV-TORIALS” to democratize education. We converted Classroom teaching contents and Online curriculum tutorials creating media-first TV-led tutorials. A unique content adaptation that ever happened in the Indonesian market.

TV-torials were worked with leading TV stations through a 4-step approach :

  1. We coined this entire mission as the nation’s pledge “Belajar Di Rumah Aja” ( Just Study from Home ) and aired these announcements through news and TV stars’ social handle 
  2. Transfer Schoolbooks to TV Screen - Massive collaboration with FTA TV while the content provided by Ruangguru team to ensure the quality and quantity of education content are just apt and appropriate. 
  3. Right time slots are provided to broadcast the Tutorials, so that, to learn using the apps, download, creating the modules. 
  4. Elementary school students will follow TV classrooms and finish their assignments on Apps. 

Ruangguru TV-torials series is one of its kind of tutorial programming through exclusive blocking on TV. We dominated and exclusively owned a section of prime slot across FTA channels powered by Ruangguru content and their teaching mode was broadcast. The attempt was to introduce their products (Ruangguru apps) and educate them (give deep information about how to download, register, subscribe, and make a payment). The intent was also to synergize the active usage of the app on their mobile at the time when the program is on television. 

More than “How to” programming, the programming content also deliberately explains the courses, lessons, and chapters in the applications and the stages to clear various academic milestones.

For 3 months from March to April, we collaborate with 5 Free-to-air TV channels: RCTI, TRANS, TRANS7, GTV, and RTV to create TV-torials. These 5 FTA channels have different functions. 

  • RCTI, TRANS, TRANS7, and GTV were more to promote the Ruangguru apps (give deep information about how to download, register, subscribe, and make a payment). These TV-torials airs 2 times a month on weekend with a total of 360 minutes of blocking time program.
  • While RTV airs free learning modules that Ruangguru has on a TV screen as a content program. Running 10 episodes with a total of 300 minutes of on-air programs with various school subject modules from Mathematics, Bahasa, and English language studies. 

We also get promotion exposure from media assets of each FTA TV channel (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) that collaborate with Ruangguru, and also Ruangguru supports the promotion through its digital media assets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube)


The campaign has been massively rewarding during the COVID-19 era and it has successfully delivered the unmet demands of consumers in crisis times. The synergy between offline (TV) and online (apps) was very successful in increasing the visibility of Ruangguru and getting a total of 345,000 TV audience viewership within the parents & mom segment and 478,000 TV audience viewers among students.

The campaign reached 30 million parents and elementary school kids.  

More than 700+ hours of education content, tutorials, and training imparted at a massive scale like never before

The app download also increased by 44% from an average of 509,185 (latest 3 months December 2019 to February 2020) to 1,077,096 (average March to May 2020). 

We also witness a double-digit conversion rate from trialists to premium subscribers in the module and a lot of organic feedback and appreciation review. 

10 million earned media impressions and 15+ great write-ups happened because of this first-time initiative by an organization and also school authorities. 

Got news coverage from digital news publishers (,,, etc).

The install penetration also increased by 35% while Daily Active Users (DAU) increased by 50% (all data is based on Similarweb).