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From Gen Z to Gen Z. The Pace of Progress: Gen Z Edition

We wanted to dig deeper into how these trends will play out for Gen Z. We partnered with Imagen Insights, a research company specialised in Gen Z qualitative insights, to directly ask Gen Z about our trends. We captured their insights and what they mean for brands in this addendum report.


01 / What Gen Z say about: Generative AI Taking Centre Stage

While Gen Z recognize the technological prowess of generative AI applications, they also have reservations about what it means for creators, privacy and human relations.

02 / What Gen Z say about: The Race to Monetization

Gen Z have grown up with these platforms and are torn between the convenience of accessing this abundance of content and services and the tradeoffs they represent in terms of attention and personal information.

03 / What Gen Z say about: Integrity Economics

Gen Z, one of the most diverse generations yet who grew up in a digital world and amid the climate emergency since their childhood, are in a unique position to act as agents of change.

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The Pace of Progress | dentsu 2024 Media Trends

Over the last 14 years, dentsu’s annual Media Trends report has become the most sought-after trend forecasting report in the industry. In 'The Pace of Progress | dentsu 2024 Media Trends' report, we share our insights into disruptions and competition, social inclusion and sustainability ambitions and explore the opportunities, challenges, and intricacies of ten trends expected to set the pace of progress in 2024.

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Global Ad Spend Forecasts 2024

From generative AI to evolving tech landscapes, dentsu's Global Ad Spend Forecasts unravel a dynamic media ecosystem shaped by elections and industry dynamics for a year of unprecedented change.

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