Adji Watono

Chairman, dentsu Indonesia

Adji Watono is the Founder of DwiSapta, the largest local advertising agency in Indonesia. Born in Kudus on 17 May 1950, Adji Watono graduated from the Adolf Lazi School of Photography, Stuttgart, Germany in 1975 and continued his education at Technical Photography in Berlin from 1976-1979, in West Germany.

DwiSapta was founded by Adji Watono since 27 May; 1981, from a photo studio, called Studio 27. With full of struggle, Adji Watono developed the DwiSapta business from zero to hero. Since 2017, DwiSapta has merged with Dentsu Indonesia and this year DwiSapta is 41 years old.

Under his leadership, DwiSapta has continued to grow and develop for more than 40 years. Many big brands have collaborated with DwiSapta and Adji helped raised about 17 brands to become market leaders in Indonesia. From zero to hero, from nothing to become something.

After DwiSapta merged with dentsu on January 25; 2017, Adji gave the baton of leadership to his eldest daughter, Maya Watono. From 2019 until now, Adji has served as Chairman of dentsu Indonesia.

Adji Watono, Chairman, dentsu Indonesia