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After a successful entrance to the Irish market in 2009, Irish audiences were feeling a little disconnected from the brand, it was becoming less relevant to Irish audiences. Research highlighted the issue that people felt it was a cold “warehouse” lacking engagement or the personal touch found in local furniture stores.  In addition there was a feeling that, because they offered affordable furniture, and the fact that it was a “flat pack” premise meant that it was somehow poorer quality. Lastly, the store itself was seen as remote and inaccessible, despite being conveniently located just off the M50. Brand spontaneous awareness was high within the category but we had perception problems. We had to change public perceptions and this was an issue we couldn’t advertise our way out of. We also had the added complication of not having local creative available to address the local issue.


Working with Coco TV, we co-funded a lifestyle and interior six-part series, Desperate Houses, with RTE 1.  We decided to stop interrupting the things our audience were interested in with advertising messages and be the thing they are interested in through content. Using content within Desperate Houses, IKEA showed how small tweaks to existing rooms can make the everyday better.

StoryLab/dentsu X worked tirelessly to ensure editorial integration of IKEA’s brand message “The Wonderful Everyday” and to create a multi-faceted cross-platform partnership that included licensing of the TV programme assets for use off air and the production of extra content for IKEA’s own digital platforms. The show brought our brand proposition into Irish culture and into the lives of deserving people and families. The premise of the show was simple, we went to six families whose houses needed de-cluttering and, with the help of our IKEA designer, we transformed their problem rooms using wonderful IKEA products. Each show featured a trip to the IKEA Dublin store to select furniture. The full partnership package consisted of:

  • Branded casting call 
  • Product placement 
  • Social Strategy
  • Facebook Live Event
  • Social Content
  • Branded Viewers Competition Promo
  • Sponsorship Sting Production


We helped Irish consumers with everyday interior problems, helping them see that IKEA had the products to transform cluttered spaces in their homes into practical and affordable living solutions. We brought the brand promise to life with real people in real situations, not through advertising, in a highly engaging, “opt in” way. 

  • The programme drew in 1.8 million viewers, allowed us to reach an extended audience and crucially, enabled us to showcase the expertise of the IKEA designers and the beauty of the products.
  • The show was a top rating primetime lifestyle show on our public broadcast RTE 1 with an audience share of 27%.
  • The series reached 1.8 million viewers and 29,000
  • 283 people applied to take part in show
  • Social activity drove 4.7 million impressions with 1.2 million taking action
  • Average weekly increase of 5% in footfall
  • Sales uplift of +12% (including ecommerce)
  • ROI of circa 4:1 (IKEA econometrics study)

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