dentsu Ireland achieves their TAG BSC Seal!

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dentsu Ireland has been verified compliant by ABC and is now TAG certified!! 

The TAG Brand Safety Certified Program helps companies demonstrate their commitment to brand protection and ensure that advertising partners have taken the necessary steps to reduce the risk of unsafe ad placements.

 What does this mean? 

Brand safety is always a hot topic and our industry needed guidance, trust, and transparency in this complex area. In 2020, the UK body JICWEBS (Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards) and US body TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) merged and aligned their Brand Safety initiatives.

Managed by TAG, the Brand Safety Certified Guidelines focus on minimising the risk of ad misplacement. These Guidelines are coupled with a requirement to be independently verified.

What Earning the Seal Means

  • We're proactively delivering on the industry demand for more transparency in digital media
  • We're supporting the cross-industry  programmes by way of applying the TAG Brand Safety Certified Guidelines underpinned by independent verification from ABC 
  • We're telling buyers and advertisers that when trading with us, they can trade with confidence

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