dentsu India Team

‘Inspire Inclusion’ - the global theme for Women’s Day 2024, deeply resonates with dentsu’s commitment to progress. The theme not only emphasizes gender equality but also fosters enhanced collaboration, ultimately leading to organizational success. It observes change and also takes the first step in challenging expectations, questioning stereotypes, and cultivating a space where women are seen, acknowledged, valued, and respected. 

Women partake in an honest and empathetic trajectory to encourage inclusiveness in both personal and professional lives. ‘Inspire Inclusion’ is about tearing down walls and embracing diversity wholeheartedly. It is about a work environment where women’s opinions aren’t just heard but also implemented into the decision-making process. Beyond being a professional approach, it motivates improving one's way of life, generating a ripple effect that fosters unity across all levels of the organization.

'Inspire Inclusion' urges us to take on the adversities as catalysts for a fairer tomorrow.

Dentsu, as an organisation, harbors significant potential for expansion and ingenuity when diversity takes the lead in decision making. It goes further than just meeting the quotas; instead, it encompasses the wealth that varied voices contribute to the discussion. The true power of inclusion lies in setting an atmosphere where every individual senses a vested right in the collective story of the organization.

Women who overcome challenges have always become beacons of hope. These women are distinguished by their accomplishments and their ability to invoke change in others. They leave a trail of success for those who follow in their footsteps.

'Inspire Inclusion' is a powerful call to action that emphasises the utmost significance of inclusiveness & will function as a prompt, reminding us that our combined strength lies in acknowledging the intricacy of our diversities.

Rather than merely discussing inclusion, let's embody, imbibe, and integrate it into our everyday existence.

(Bharati Shetty, Lead - Finance, Dentsu Creative India)