dentsu India Team

Picture this: You are sitting at your desk, rocking those killer heels or comfortable sneakers, ready to take on the day. Your plate is full; there is a lot to do, and the speed with which items move from the to-do box to the done bucket feels like a sci-fi script.

In between the chaos, anytime you take a breather; times when it is just you in your thoughts, in the background you always hear a voice saying, "You're not good enough.” “You do not belong here.” “They're all going to discover you're fictitious."

Sounds familiar? Welcome to the twisted world of Impostor Syndrome - where self-doubt wears the cape and confidence is the kryptonite.

However, I feel that we are all fundamentally strong beyond measure. We each have distinct skills, strengths, and eccentricities that make us unstoppable forces of nature. Our own brains frequently hold us back, chained by the chains of self-doubt and uncertainty. The question is, how can we break free from Impostor Syndrome and release our inner superheroes?

Solution? A simple yet deep realisation: we are not alone in this war. Generations before us have fed our subconscious with preconceived thoughts and limiting beliefs, but it is up to us to rewrite the screenplay, which ChatGPT cannot assist with.

Try this: stand up wherever you are and put on a gorgeous flowing cape (even if it is invisible). Now stand up and repeat these words aloud: "I am a superhero! And I will not be kept back by self-doubt any longer!"

Embrace your eccentricities, enjoy your individuality, and find your inner Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel.  Above all, never forget that you are not an impostor. You are a superhero in disguise, waiting to unleash your full potential and conquer the world. Just believe in yourself, embrace your powers, and reach new heights of achievement.

Let's encourage each other to embrace our inner superheroes and not only promote inclusivity. One bold leap at a time, we can rewrite the story and liberate ourselves from the bonds of self-doubt together.

So, let's storm ahead, my fellow superhero. Let's surge forth. Own it, believe it, and take over the world. The only limit you have is the one you set for yourself.

(Meera Raman, Head of Strategy, Merkle India)