dentsu India Team

Allow me to try!

*Report Begins*

Across millions of live species (except for a couple, ofcourse) women grow, nurture, and create progress.

Whether it is the tiger-mum who will fight for her child or human women who are spreading love in a world torn apart by war.

In that context, it’s surprising that women on earth remain suppressed. When equal participation from them would transform earth into a happier, safer world. A world where focus would be on creation and growth.

There is however hope that evolution is possible. But for it to happen; bullies and misogynists who are holding earth back will need to be managed. It is imperative to clarify that this is not a gender thing, it is a mindset problem.

Pleading the case of women to these self-proclaimed supremacists only cements their inflated perceptions. After all centuries of scriptures and stories have told them that women are weak, lesser a liability and in the service of.

Is there a way to overcome beliefs that have been cemented over so long? The only thing that could possibly coax them into behaving better is by celebrating (hard.) the other class, who are champions of women. For the evolve to teach the lesser ones by example.

When the transformation is complete, Earth will reach its fabulous potential.

The question remains, will it happen? It’s worrying to see though that the less evolved have a stronger, louder voice and their narrative is being made stronger via regressive movies, loud whispers of their own tribe and the louder silences of those who matter.

 Will earth win? It depends on how many can progress into being a better class of human.

*End Report*

Most times, the solutions are that simple.

This women’s day let’s also celebrate other essential, better humans.

(Shweta Khosla, EVP - Strategy & Planning, DENTSU CREATIVE India)