dentsu India Team

I know it’s cliché to say that every woman should be celebrated every day, but that’s not what I am here to do. I am here to simply turn up the volume on a conversation that resonates at the heart of inclusion - celebrating neurodiversity. 

Ever seen Sherlock Holmes connect dots faster than Google Maps recalculates your route? Or been captivated by Dr. House as he unravels medical mysteries with his unconventional thinking? 

There’s something fascinating about how their minds work. It's like they're tuned into a frequency the rest of us can't quite catch. This isn’t just prime TV material; it's a peek into the power of thinking differently, of neurodiversity. In a world jamming to techno, these are our jazz maestros, playing by no rules but their own. 

That's right, we're diving into the world of neurodiversity not through the lens of neuroscience or neuroplasticity (though those are cool topics too) but by celebrating the unique ways our brains are 'wired'. It’s about flipping the script and seeing our distinct brain rhythms not as outliers but as superpowers. 

Let's break this down in a way that we, the agency folks and marketers, can best understand. 

Imagine a brainstorming session at work. It's a mosaic of minds: someone is sketching what could only be doodles to the untrained eye, another is pacing back and forth as if physical movement fuels their thought process, one is throwing ideas around like fireworks, and then there’s you. Maybe you’re connecting dots that others haven’t noticed, weaving a narrative from seemingly disparate threads. Does this sound familiar? 

That’s what I mean, this diversity in thought and approach - is where creativity and innovation thrive! 

The doodles on the side? They morph into a campaign’s visual backbone. The relentless pacing? It's crafting a story that'll captivate audiences. The barrage of ideas? They are sparks flying, igniting new possibilities. And your knack for pattern recognition? That's the game-changer. 

But embracing this kaleidoscope of mindsets goes beyond acknowledging their existence. It’s about creating a space where every Sherlock and House, with their unique ways of seeing the world, feels valued and understood. Where their differences aren’t just tolerated but celebrated as the assets they truly are. 

Inclusion is the name of the game here, but not just as a token gesture. It’s about genuinely appreciating that the person next to you, with their distinct ‘wiring’, is bringing something invaluable to the table. It is understanding that when we view our varied mental ‘wirings’ not as bugs but as features, we unlock a collective superpower that can propel us to new heights. 

So, here’s to the Sherlocks and Houses among us, to the dreamers and the thinkers, to the doodlers and the pacers. Here's to recognizing that in the symphony of human thought, every unique note is essential. Because when we celebrate each brain's special 'wiring', we’re not just making room for diversity; we're embracing the very thing that makes us unstoppable.

(Sonia Sharda, Vice President- Business, Dentsu Creative India)