dentsu India Team

Inclusivity comes naturally to a woman. It is inherent in our nature and in our DNA.

But as we climb the corporate ladder, there's pressure to conform to specific behaviors and speech. Among these challenges, we often overlook the importance of understanding subtle cultural differences. Hence, it's imperative for us, as leaders, to continuously ask questions: What makes people feel like they belong in organisations? Do people think they are treated fairly and with respect? Do they feel appreciated and considered essential team members? While organizational vision, policies, and colleague behavior play roles, leaders hold the key responsibility. Our words and actions have significant impact.

Inclusivity isn't merely a buzzword; it's a cornerstone of organizational success. It enhances engagement, productivity, and collaboration, ultimately driving organizational effectiveness and innovation. However, building an inclusive culture is a multifaceted attempt, usually initiated from the top. It requires ongoing dedication to create an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, acknowledged, and respected. Recognizing people as our most valuable asset and offering fair opportunities for learning, advancement, and development can strengthen our organization internally. While many organizations claim to prioritize inclusion, the sincerity of this commitment is essential. Too often, lofty declarations falter when decisions are made casually by a select few during informal gatherings, neglecting the input and perspectives of all members, regardless of gender.

At dentsu, diversity, equality, and inclusion are not just criteria; they're our guiding principles, with every team member held accountable for upholding them. We prioritize being culturally sensitive and adaptable, valuing diverse perspectives, and fostering effective teamwork.

Small gestures can have a significant impact. For instance, highlighting the achievements of women at all levels within our organization serves as inspiration. We provide opportunities for continuous learning and growth through both internal and externally sponsored networking and mentoring programs. We ensure fair opportunities for career advancement, promoting a culture free from biases, including crossline transfers and promotions. Research underscores the tendency for men to support and promote other men. As women, it's crucial for us to assert our visibility and voice. We're empowered by the unwavering support of our leaders, who champion our contributions and encourage our success.

Driving fundamental practices can establish a strong foundation for inclusivity. Asking essential questions like these will aid in building that foundation:

  • Are we ensuring fairness? Are all employees who contribute to the organization's objectives being compensated and recognized equitably?
  • Are we embracing diversity? Are all employees treated with respect and valued for their differences?
  • Are opportunities equally available for everyone to share ideas and suggestions, or is it dominated by a single perspective?
  • Do people feel safe and secure expressing themselves at work?
  • Is there trust in the organization?
  • Do employees feel a sense of belonging?
  • Are the managers reflective of the diversity within the broader workforce?

While we acknowledge that our journey toward diversity, equality, and inclusivity may still be ongoing, at dentsu we are committed to genuine efforts and continuous improvement.

(Sujata Dwibedy, Chief Investment & Trading Officer, Amplifi)