dentsu India Team

The Column was originally published in the Financial Express.

Cannes! The very name evokes a sense of wonder, creativity and limitless possibilities. It was at this magical place, in the not-so-distant past that I experienced something truly extraordinary, an adventure that surpassed all expectations.

Last year’s Cannes Lions festival holds a special place in my heart, not only because dentsu India won the coveted ‘Agency of the Year’ title but also because it showcased the brilliance of numerous Indian agencies, shining a glorious light on our nation’s creative prowess.

Stepping into Cannes this year as title holders fill us with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. The honour we earned last year amplifies our expectations, fuelling the desire to once again make a resounding impact.

However, irrespective of the outcome that awaits us, my heart swells with immense pride for the incredible work we have produced since our momentous win. The legacy of our success inspires us to reach new heights and push the boundaries of our creativity.

Cannes is more than just a festival. It is a melting pot of inspiration, creativity and innovation. The thrill of exploring the breathtaking exhibits, attending thought-provoking sessions and eagerly joining the serpentine queues outside the auditoriums for highly anticipated presentations is an indescribable joy.

Each moment spent there ignites our passion, widens our perspectives and leaves an everlasting mark on our creative souls. And let us not forget the legendary gutter bar, a haven where friendships are built, laughter echoes through the night and memories are etched forever. It is a place where ideas flow as freely as the drinks, where collaborations are born and where the magic of Cannes truly comes alive.

This year, we present three exceptional and distinct campaigns: The Everything Book, “Suraksha ka Teeka” and The Responsible Manhole. These campaigns have been meticulously crafted, drawing from deep insights and offering either innovative product-led solutions or cutting-edge technological advancements.

They represent the epitome of our commitment to delivering excellence through modern creativity. As we reflect on the creative landscape in India, it is evident that we are on the cusp of an exciting era. Last year’s exceptional performance and the remarkable work that I have witnessed in the market and at Indian award shows have set the stage for an even higher number of entries from India this year.

The creative industry in our country is thriving, with agencies and brands fearlessly pushing boundaries and producing outstanding campaigns that captivate audiences.

I expect a lot more tech-enabled ideas, especially from brands that are embracing change faster than others. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, innovative and immersive experiences will be at the forefront.

We will witness a surge in creative campaigns that leverage cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and interactive installations.

These tech-enabled ideas will not only captivate audiences but also provide brands with unique opportunities to connect with consumers on a deeper level. The blending of technology and creativity will break traditional boundaries, allowing for more personalised and engaging brand experiences.

Moreover, this shift towards embracing technology in creative campaigns will lead to greater recognition of creative technologists. These individuals, who bring together their artistic vision and technical expertise, will be celebrated for their contributions to the industry.

Cannes will serve as a platform to honour and showcase their work, expanding the definition of creativity beyond its conventional limits. Though I will greatly miss being present at the festival, my spirit remains undaunted as I wholeheartedly cheer on my colleagues and friends who represent our agency and country.

Cannes has traditionally been an award show where the spotlight has often been on global industry giants, akin to the Oscars of the advertising world. However, with the remarkable achievements of AR Rahman and other Indian talents, we experienced a “Jai Ho” moment where we realised that India too could shine on this prestigious stage. It was a defining moment that shifted perceptions and ignited a newfound belief in the creative capabilities of our nation.

Now, as we approach Cannes this year, we can proudly say that the world will always keenly look at India. The remarkable work coming out of our country has put India firmly on the global creative map. Cannes is no longer just an event for us to participate in, it is a platform where the world awaits to witness the ingenuity and brilliance that India brings to the table.

The true essence of Cannes resides not in a single moment or a fleeting event but in the collective spirit of dreamers, pioneers and visionaries who dare to defy the ordinary and create the extraordinary.

And with that, let the journey of creativity continue, for the Cannes experience, after all, is not a destination but an eternal voyage of imagination and inspiration.

(Amit Wadhwa, CEO, DENTSU CREATIVE India)