Bajaj Allianz GIC & DENTSU CREATIVE India's New Campaign Urges Individuals To Secure Adequate Health Insurance Coverage

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With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing health insurance to the forefront, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance (GIC) and DENTSU CREATIVE India have launched their new campaign titled ‘Kum Padega’. The campaign aims to raise awareness among individuals about the importance of having an adequate sum insured as a crucial aspect of their health insurance plan. 

Despite a surge in demand for health insurance in India that was further amplified by the pandemic, the average sum insured across health insurance products has decreased by 17%. In fact, more than half of the Indian population with health insurance are underinsured - leaving them vulnerable to financial insecurity during a medical emergency or when in special need. In addition, the increasing cost of medical care has deepened the concern, making it vital to educate people about the significance of having adequate health insurance coverage. 

Bajaj Allianz GIC has taken a proactive approach to address the issue by releasing three films that highlight the importance of having adequate health insurance coverage for individuals and their families. Conceptualised and executed by DENTSU CREATIVE India, the films showcase everyday scenarios where people use absurdly small objects and suffer the discomfort and consequences as a result. The films convey a central message that having health insurance is not enough; individuals need to have the right amount of coverage to secure their financial future in case of a medical emergency or other unexpected situations.

Links to the films –

Main Film:

Individual Film Cut 1:

Individual Film Cut 2:

Individual Film Cut 3:

Sahil 'baba' Siddiqui, Group Executive Creative Director, DENTSU CREATIVE India said, “We believe that humor and unconventional storytelling can help people better understand this crucial financial term and its impact on their lives. Our aim was to create ads that not only entertain but also educate viewers on the importance of being adequately insured, all while keeping them hooked and engaged. After all, what good is getting someone prepared for an emergency if they are also not prepared right.”

Speaking on the new campaign, Vikram Bhayana, Head of Marketing, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance added, “Medical inflation and rising health concerns are a reality that we are all privy to. A pertinent issue is the lack of adequate coverage that customers opt for in their health insurance policies which is what we aim to establish with our new #KumPadega campaign but with humour. The objective of this campaign is to reinforce that every Indian must not only have a health insurance policy but at the same time must have an adequate sum insured so that they and their family members have access to quality medical care and have an opportunity to live a dignified life.”

Sahil Shah, President - Digital Experience, DENTSU CREATIVE India commented, “In times of crisis, health insurance becomes a crucial lifeline for individuals and families. With rising medical costs, it’s essential to have the right amount of cover to avoid financial insecurity during emergencies. Through this campaign, we wish to throw light on the need for protecting our health and financial well-being by choosing the right health insurance plan.”