Dentsu Appoints Sujit Vaidya as Chief Financial Officer For South Asia

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Advancing Financial Leadership for Transformative Growth… 

Dentsu has announced the appointment of Sujit Vaidya as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for South Asia, effective December 1, 2023. 

In this role, Sujit will partner with dentsu’s business teams across South Asia to orchestrate the financial strategy and steer the finance function. He will also shape the financial narrative of dentsu's evolving business model and contribute significantly to the network's growth and innovation trajectory.

Sujit brings over 30 years of invaluable experience as a certified Chartered Accountant, having previously served as CFO for Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India and Disney in India. His illustrious career includes pivotal roles at organizations such as P&G, BCG, and BP where he has consistently played a key role in financial success and strategic direction. Beyond his impressive financial acumen, Sujit has been a catalyst for collaboration, building high-performance cultures, and empowering leadership teams.  

Commenting on Sujit's appointment, Harsha Razdan said, “Sujit's appointment aligns seamlessly with our vision for financial excellence and strategic foresight. His strategic acumen and financial leadership will play a crucial role in realizing our ambitious goal of achieving 50% of revenue from Customer Experience (CX) by 2026. We eagerly anticipate leveraging Sujit's expertise on this exciting journey towards continued growth and success.”

Sujit Vaidya added, “In my conversations even before officially joining dentsu, what came across clearly to me is that dentsu is not just a business. The perspective is not merely about delivering services but creating outcomes and solutions for clients. My mandate, therefore, is not just managing finances but helping create strategies to invest in and create the future. I believe that dentsu has a unique opportunity to shape the future of the industry and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Sujit's appointment underscores dentsu's commitment to assembling a leadership team of unparalleled expertise and vision, setting the stage for an era of transformative growth and financial brilliance.

Sujit steps into the role previously held by Asha Suvarna, who left dentsu to pursue new opportunities in September this year. He reports to Harsha Razdan, Chief Executive Officer, dentsu, South Asia, and Paul Koppelman, CFO APAC, dentsu.