Dentsu India & Ripplr Join Forces To Bridge Demand-Supply Chain Gaps

Published on:

Dentsu India has entered a strategic partnership with Ripplr, a leader in digital-first distribution and logistics companies, driving customized strategies that fuel client growth. 

Under the joint leadership of Narayan Devanathan, President & Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia at dentsu, and Abhishek Nehru & Santosh Dabke, Co-Founders of Ripplr, this industry-first collaboration will leverage the distinct expertise of each party to deliver client-led solutions that effectively bridge the gap between demand and supply chains. 

The alliance will cater to clients seeking a comprehensive range of distribution and customer-facing solutions. Dentsu's expertise lies in providing strategy, growth solutions, and execution for consumer-facing business operations while Ripplr will concentrate on delivering strategy and execution, encompassing technology and fulfilment, for full-funnel distribution and logistics. 

Initially, the alliance will provide customizable end-to-end solutions across the value chain for clients in FMCG, retail, D2C, and other distribution-intensive sectors across India. As time progresses, the partnership will extend its reach into additional markets and sectors, showcasing its dedication to addressing evolving industry demands. 

Commenting on the alliance, Narayan Devanathan said, “Ripplr stands out as the unparalleled digital-first leader in distribution and logistics solutions, facilitating the most efficient movement of products from factory to retail. Moreover, when it comes to motivating consumers to engage with products across various channels—be it offline, online, or omnichannel—nobody does it better than dentsu. With our comprehensive suite of solutions at the intersection of marketing, technology, and consulting, this alliance will enable businesses to pinpoint the sweet spot between demand and supply, creatively and effectively bridging gaps across the entire value chain.”

Abhishek Nehru added, “Ripplr is one of the largest FMCG authorised distribution companies, and our platform services more than one lakh retailers across 10+ cities. We have built a robust tech-enabled playbook for all FMCG brands, along with smart data analytics, helping brands to scale up in the ever-changing omnichannel market. With dentsu as a partner, which is a powerhouse of research, analysis, and strategy, and Ripplr's execution and reach capability, the combined synergy will enable us to launch and scale brands faster and more efficiently across multiple geographies." 

Harsha Razdan, CEO South Asia, dentsu remarked, “In today's dynamic business landscape, where time is of the essence, we understand the urgency of responding swiftly to client needs. We firmly believe that complementary solutions are paramount to not only meeting these demands but also overcoming challenges and fostering sustainable growth. Our partnership with Ripplr marks a significant milestone in our journey. By joining forces, we are empowered to offer a comprehensive spectrum of distribution and customer-facing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. This collaboration enables us to provide unparalleled value and innovation, ensuring that our clients remain ahead of the curve in an ever-changing market landscape.”