Scaler & Isobar India team up with Bhadipa for the biggest Marathi web series

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Championing regional content with engaging storytelling on digital media

Scaler, one of the fastest-growing tech upskilling startups, in collaboration with Isobar, the creative experience agency from the house of dentsu India, has partnered with the most loved Marathi content platform, Bhadipa (Bharatiya Digital Party), to launch the biggest Marathi web series. While the objective of this association is to convey the brand's value proposition to its niche audience through engaging storytelling, the core focus is to leverage the power of digital media on the back of regional content. 

The web series, B.E. Rojgaar, is an aspirational story of 3 friends that captures the struggles faced by engineers in India, today. With tech professionals being the key target audience for Scaler, this association fits just right. It intends to build a meaningful connection with the viewers, which will further transition into consumer advocacy for the brand in the long run. The show has been touted as the biggest Marathi web series to date. Additionally, it is directed by Sarang Sathaye and stars the big name in Marathi cinema, Saie Tamhankar, along with Sambhaji Sasane and Jagdish Kannam. 

Commenting on the partnership, Ranjeet Kumar, Head - Brand & Content, Scaler & InterviewBit said, “Content is the core engine of Scaler's storytelling and branding efforts. Our desire to build meaningful connections with personalised messaging led us to explore the diverse languages that our learners speak. We have done other small experiments in vernacular language content, and the business & brand outcomes were fantastic. The one-line story of the show is 'skills over degrees' built around friendship and employability of engineers, with the quintessential Marathi sass - is right up our alley. With B.E Rojgaar, we want to develop a strong affinity with our Marathi audience and break the degree/certificate hoarding bias when it comes to skilling. We are very confident it will be one of the biggest shows in that market, and our learners will resonate with the theme.” 

Madhura Ranade, AVP & Head - Branded Content & Partnerships, Isobar India added, “Vernacular content has always been the need of the hour. It is seldom that we see brands making the most of this and that too in such a big way. Content is always more relatable when it comes packed with cultural nuances and regional flavours. When a brand is seamlessly integrated within that, it is sure to hit the sweet spot and move the needle on business. A great brand experience is elevated when it is encountered in the most comfortable setting, which is being a regional language in this case. This has proven true, time and again and with every new partnership, this belief gets stronger. This time, addressing a key market in Maharashtra and with none other than the team at Bhadipa and a stellar star cast, we are sure to make this a blockbuster in the Marathi-speaking market and beyond.” 

Heeru Dingra, CEO, Isobar India group added, “Given India's size and diversity, we have always been hearing that vernacular and regional content is the way to go. However, with most brands, there is a hesitation when it comes to committing to this narrative. We are glad to team up with pan India, addressing a brand like Scaler. The brand foresees the need to include regional languages in its marketing strategy, leading to greater audience engagement, deep connections, and overall brand affinity. This will be the largest regional content collaboration India has ever seen and we feel proud to have been a part of it.” 

Scaler recently launched a brand film that aims to reiterate the importance of practical exposure and industry relevance in talent. It highlights the true value potential of a robust skillset, which empowers the holders to create a meaningful impact through whatever they do. The brand urges techies to imbibe the true value and create a resilient repository of practical capabilities, shifting the onus of 'creating impact' onto the techies themselves.