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Sony Marathi – a premium entertainment channel, partnered with Posterscope, to launch a campaign for its latest show titled ‘Rani Mi Honar’. The campaign aimed to create awareness around the show using unconventional methods. 

The campaign conceptualized and executed by Posterscope – the OOH (Out-of-Home) specialist agency from dentsu India, employed a captivating yet impactful strategy that leverages the iconic Kaali Peeli autos. These autos, painted in a vibrant Rani pink hue, took to the streets of Thane in Mumbai, marking the commencement of the show's launch. However, the true showstopper was not just the colour itself; the auto was adorned with a larger-than-life tiara. The campaign also saw the participation of female auto drivers from Thane, adding a unique twist to this transit-based promotion. 

The pink autos offered complimentary rides to women across the city, tirelessly operating for 21 hours and traversing approximately 425 kilometers. High-traffic areas in Thane and target-centric locations such as Viviana Mall, Lodha Paradise, Ram Maruti Road, Upvan Ganesh Mandir, Talao Paali, Majhiwada, Panch Pakhadi, and more, were skillfully covered, effectively generating buzz and piquing the curiosity of onlookers. 

The campaign captivated the audience, encouraging them to actively engage and share images on their social media platforms. Participants who engaged were treated to complimentary nail art services, effectively promoting the show's theme and the role of the lead actor. Additionally, they were presented with branded bindi packs, an accessory that enhances a woman's beauty. The show's cast members also joined the procession, taking rides in the pink autos, which further fueled online discussions. Moreover, numerous influencers and digital content creators in Thane enthusiastically contributed to the amplification of the campaign's impact.

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Commenting on the campaign, Sainath Pai, Marketing Head, Sony Marathi said, “Our fictional narratives are characterized by their uniqueness and progressiveness. Similarly, we are committed to conveying our messages to viewers through unforgettable and delightful methods in our launch marketing campaigns. The goal was to rekindle the aspirations of countless women commuters, making them feel exceptional and empowering them to reclaim their own lives. This sentiment deeply aligns with the essence of our show 'Rani Mi Honar'.”

Imtiyaz Vilatra, Managing Director, Posterscope added, "In an era where grabbing attention is a challenge, embracing innovation becomes the key to breaking free from the ordinary and capturing the spotlight. At Posterscope, our objective is to infuse campaigns with remarkable innovative elements, ensuring they remain etched in the memory of both the brand and its audience. I firmly affirm that Sony Marathi's 'Rikshaw Rani' campaign painted the city with an aura of excitement."