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Hunger manifests itself in different ways - growling tummies, salivating mouths and people who see food everywhere. That's why, when Instagram launched voice messages, we kinda thought it looked like... food! 

Enter Swiggy's #VoiceOfHunger, where users were asked to recreate food shapes in hilarious ways to win food vouchers for a year.


Cannes Lion 2019: 3 Bronze Lions 

Kyoorius: 6-time winner at Kyoorius Creative Awards 2019


Swiggy with its fleet of 120,000+ delivery personnel across 100+ cities, 30 million orders per month and 3.3 billion dollar valuation is the poster-child of India’s online food-delivery market. Competition is at its heels fighting for market share, especially among millennials (18-35 y/olds). Millennials in India are prone to hack social platforms for their convenience — Swiggy just gave them an incentive to do so. 

Creative Idea & Execution

In a discount friendly & price-sensitive category like food delivery, there is a frequent shift in loyalty between platforms. 

With Instagram updating their DM feature with voice notes, we noticed that Instagram inbox features could also be hacked to hold amusing direct conversations – a welcome change. The intention was for a collaborative interaction & the idea of using wacky sounds to create even wackier food shapes matched Swiggy’s personality. 

We initiated the campaign with Bluueeblaahhhbleehhhblueeblahblehblue: an odd gibberish tweet from one of India’s biggest brands. Fans were soon introduced to five films featuring hilariously innovative ways to get their voice-notes to resemble food shapes & win a year’s worth of food. Over 100 Comedians, musicians, rappers, actors and RJs formed the core team of influencers driving voice and sound experiments for the campaign.

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