Narayan Devanathan

President & Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia, dentsu

Narayan Devanathan leads our Central Strategy Team as Chief Strategiy Officer and is in charge of developing and implementing plans that ensure our long-term success. 

Armed with 25 years of experience in advertising, Narayan's exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen make him an ideal captain. His expertise and experience are pivotal in driving our strategic initiatives and ensuring the resounding success of our central strategy team.  

Narayan's 11-year tenure with dentsu has seen him excel in various roles, including strategic planning, and heading the solutions practice.

Over a decade at dentsu, excelling in roles such as strategic planning and heading the solutions practice. Instrumental in building renowned brands like Royal Enfield, Airtel, KFC, and more.

With MBA, M.S., and M.A. degrees from India and the United States in business, marketing, and communications, along with over 20 years of work experience across both countries, Narayan is also a marathoner who lives by the philosophy of the long-distance runner, believing that, as the saying goes, "Everything works out in the long run."

Narayan Devanathan, President & Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia, dentsu