Dentsu MENA Joins Khaled Al Shehhi to Launch New Sustainability Initiative at Dubai Lynx

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We were delighted to stand on the Dubai Lynx stage alongside industry leaders to launch Ad Net Zero as a founding supporter, leading the charge towards sustainable advertising. 

Together with the Advertising Business Group, we're dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly practices within the industry. Together, we're shaping a climate-resilient future for advertising.

Last Tuesday, Khaled Al Shehhi, Executive Director of Marketing and Communication at the UAE Government Media Office, took to the stage alongside Ramzy Abouchacra, CEO of Carat MENA, at the Dubai Lynx to announce the launch of a new initiative, Ad Net Zero.

AlShehhi announced: “The UAE proudly launches Ad Net Zero, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards sustainability.”

“This initiative, a project close to my professional journey in the UAE, is not just a response to a global climate emergency; it is a bold statement of our commitment in the advertising industry.”

Ad Net Zero is a global initiative committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the advertising sector.

Highlighting the initiative's significance in the country, he shared, “With 2023 and 2024 declared as the Years of Sustainability by the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the successful culmination of COP28 in Dubai, the message is clear: Sustainability is not optional.”

Its launch in the region is aimed at decarbonizing the UAE’s advertising sector and encouraging sustainable behaviour change through advertising.

“This isn’t just an initiative for the advertising industry; it’s a universal call to action. Every individual, business, and sector can make impactful contributions toward our sustainable future. Let’s unite in this vital effort,” added Al Shehhi.

The initiative was launched in the region through a strategic alliance between Advertising Business Group (ABG) and Ad Net Zero.

By partnering with Ad Net Zero, the ABG aims to help the advertising industry contribute to the UAE’s net-zero goals and promote responsible consumption and production.

The announcement was followed by a panel discussion between Priya Sarma, Sr. Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Head at Unilever Middle East & Turkey, Carat MENA CEO Ramzy Abouchacra and Eleni Kitra, Executive Director of Advertising Business Group (ABG).

The panel discussed the future of sustainability in the regional advertising industry.

Ad Net Zero launch in the region

Ad Net Zero is set to launch in the UAE with its founding supporters Google, META, Unilever, Group M, MCN, Dentsu, Publicis Groupe, and Omnicom Media Group. The launch of the chapter will serve as the regional hub for MENA.

ABG has invited companies to become Ad Net Zero supporters.

As supporters, the companies will need to set net zero targets, and measure and report their progress annually. The ABG will also provide guidance and support to the companies to help in the process.

The initiative's launch follows ABG’s recent unveiling of its sustainability agenda.

The agenda focuses on building a more sustainable sector through emissions reduction, closing the industry wide sustainability knowledge and skills gap, and empowering the industry to combat greenwashing practices.