Make the most of every shoppable moment

Today’s shopping is always on, accessible from everywhere, and seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. Rapidly evolving consumer behaviors present countless opportunities for shoppers to engage, but pressure brands to make the most of each touchpoint and creatively deliver their brand promise. 

Dentsu Shop is an integrated retail accelerator designed for what’s next, bringing together the breadth and depth of dentsu’s global capabilities to help retailers and brands get closer to their consumers to create, connect, and maximize every shoppable moment. Our data-driven insight and creative expertise power meaningful experiences across media, commerce, loyalty, and retail environments.

What dentsu shop can do for your business

Media that moves

Today’s highly fragmented retail and brand media landscape requires integrated activation to reach modern shoppers with the right message in the right shoppable moment. As a pioneer and innovator who helped invent the retail media network category, dentsu is the only network that serves both shopper media's buy and sell sides with a technology-agnostic.

Commerce that Connects

Consumers are not purely physical or digital shoppers. They are both and everything in between. Dentsu shop maximizes every shoppable moment with future-focused commerce capabilities in every medium and marketplace, meeting consumers with the opportunity to transact everywhere they are and will be.

Experience that Elevates

It is no longer enough for consumer experiences to solely be functional and convenient. To truly differentiate and convert new and existing shoppers, unique creative-led experiences that express the brand, evoke emotion, and personalize the interaction are needed.

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