Since 2020, Dentsu MENA Lab has spearheaded the advent of technology-driven experiences in the region, with numerous solutions developed for a diverse roster of clients – from FinTech to FMCGs. 

While actively exploring the boundaries of GAI, VR, IoT, and Physical Computing, Dentsu MENA Lab’s main commercial success lies in developing innovative AR experiences.

A key component in driving campaign memorability, AR’s measurable efficacy in connecting with audiences resulted in groundbreaking metrics that further cemented the market’s enthusiasm for novel forms of co-created content. 

Out of the 60 AR campaigns developed, gamified lenses such as KFC Masr’s My Bucket, Freska’s Sticks Quiz, and Hardee’s Super Star Signal are the most engaged.

Combined, they resulted in over 100M impressions, 18.8M opens, 3.723M captures, 310K shares, and 545K saves. 

These encouraging figures have been positive signs on our journey to disrupting the region’s relatively uniform communication strategy with alternative mediums – distinguishing brands from competitors and fostering a more receptive, creative digital community.

Creative Technologist, dentsu Creative

Mohamed Basha

A Creative Technologist with an extensive background in the dynamic world of digital innovation. With over a decade of experience, I've been at the forefront of fusing creativity and technology to deliver exceptional digital solutions. Currently, I'm driving innovation as a Creative Technologist at Dentsu Creative, where I'm passionate about using cutting-edge technology to craft immersive brand experiences. My journey has seen me contribute to the success of esteemed organizations like Isobar MENA and JWT, where I held roles ranging from Digital Creative Director to Art Director and Illustrator. Alongside my hands-on experience, I've earned certifications in areas such as UX Design Techniques and Marketing on Snapchat, further enhancing my skill set. I'm dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and thrive on the possibilities that emerge at the intersection of art and technology. Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to bring your digital visions to life.