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Microsoft’s challenge was educating Finance, Retail, Government, and healthcare business decision-makers on Cloud solutions. Each sector has its own business need, and Microsoft would require a customized approach if it were to successfully engage audiences in what is a very crowded marketplace.  


An account-based targeting strategy was developed that segmented high-value customer IDs by industry, forming the target audience's foundation. We partnered with LinkedIn and leveraged their talent mapping insights to overlay a more comprehensive audience profile with relevant skillsets, functions, and roles. To enrich the audience further and scale beyond LinkedIn, we integrated Madison Logic intent data to ringfence accounts with the highest propensity to engage and convert. We leveraged the cross-platform integration that Madison Logic has with LinkedIn to deliver a cohesive user journey.  

Tailor-made content that featured Microsoft customers (who happily lent their credibility, reputation & real-world use cases) was used to instill peer-to-peer authenticity and trust (which is significantly influential for B2B audiences). Once audiences engaged with the customer stories, they targeted gated assets such as whitepapers and eBooks to nurture them towards conversion on the Microsoft website.  


By integrating two partners and employing an account-based targeting approach, we delivered an overall account reach of 83%. Introducing a more sequential user journey by re-engaging audiences with gated assets significantly improved the conversion rate by 300%.  Overall, the campaign delivered a +30% increase in highly engaged accounts for Microsoft.


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