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Pioneer struggled to compete in existing markets as leading car manufacturers upgraded their own in-built sound systems which were harder to remove - reducing Pioneer's market share and sales.

Selling through distributors, Pioneer couldn't effectively promote its product range or their differentiating selling points - such as the larger than life bass, or Bluetooth connectivity.

As general awareness of Pioneer products dwindled, so did sales, as cheaper alternatives flooded the market.


Pioneer's audience are generally tech savvy or car lovers - making a good sound system a must. For these users, Pioneer is a fashion statement.

To embody these values our content too, had to be modern - and most importantly dynamic to grab attention with a certain level of shock value.

The core problem was that users were not aware of Pioneer. So, we aimed to excite users, persuading them to: #AskForItByName.

Distributors would not push Pioneer's products; so the campaign lifted the sales model on its head; instead asking fans to insist on a Pioneer product by asking for it by name in stores.

Targeted ads in close proximity to distributing stores and pro-active community management meant that we could target our audience with key messages to connect them with the brand before influencing them to visit their nearest store.


Sales increased 110% across the region and 320% in focus markets - significantly outperforming targets and achieving a substantial ROI.

In just 8 months and on a modest total ad budget of $20,467, a Facebook and later Instagram page was launched, amassing 83,169 fans.

Cost per fan on Facebook was as little as $0.21 and $1,89 on Instagram with a large number of fans engaging with Pioneer and becoming a fan after seeing individual posts boosted.


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