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100% indexing of the new site within 7 days


Improvement in organic visibility (impressions)


Site engagement rate


While Pizza Hut’s mobile traffic was rising, there was an opportunity to improve customer experience on the website further. The customer sentiments warranted the need for an elevated web experience, and Pizza Hut decided to take advantage of utilizing a Progressive Web App, which is a credible technology that offers an app-like experience on the web and the best performance.

Merkle collaborated with Pizza Hut’s development team and ensured an optimized launch of the PWA experience. 


  • As Pizza Hut’s domain is also changing to, it warranted a site migration strategy, along with PWA implementation. 
  • Merkle first benchmarked the current website to ensure that it’s comparable when the new site is launched 
  • Following the proprietary migration checklist, Merkle ensures that all the value that the existing site created is transferred over to the new one, including content, schema, and tags 
  • Both DEV and Merkle teams performed UAT analysis together and fixed all final issues 
  • Initiated change address process for Google to quickly index the new domain 
  • Ongoing daily monitoring post-go-live 


  • 100% transfer of the site in Google Index within 7 days 
  • The average daily organic impressions, ranking, and traffic normalized in 3 days 
  • The visibility (impressions) of PWA improved by 53% 
  • Traffic, as well as engagement rate on site, nearly doubled
“Placing customer delight at the core of Pizza Hut's ethos, we've transitioned to a Progressive Web App to enhance our digital growth. Merkle's SEO proficiency played a crucial role in the successful launch of our PWA, delivering a superior UI/UX. This positive shift is evident in increased organic traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. We are optimistic that this strategic move will have a profound impact on our business, setting a new standard of CX in the industry.”
Andrea Lobo, Digital Marketing Manager, Pizza hut.


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