The digital age is society's fourth industrial revolution

Like all revolutions, it brings exciting potential for huge economic benefits for businesses and people alike. But it also brings the challenge of ensuring that no one is left behind. 

De-globalisation. Unequal technology access. Protectionism. Lack of trust. The shifting landscape of jobs and skills. Inequality. Any of these could prevent the democratic spread of technological progress. 

The digital age is creating enormous wealth, but many are losing out. 

We can do better. 

So, as we strive to be pioneers in the digital revolution, we’ll only ever do things that work for everyone. That’s our commitment to society.

Concert being filmed through an iPhone

Improving society for everyone

Digital skills

We’re sharing our skills and capabilities with the next generation and supporting them to find roles in our industry.

Tomorrow's leaders

We’re mentoring entrepreneurs and change makers to build successful, diverse and inclusive businesses. 

Digital for society

We’re transforming the role of brands in the digital economy, creating richer human experiences that build awareness, trust and better outcomes for society.

Operating better in the digital economy

For the planet

We’re transitioning towards a low carbon business with a goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2020.

For our communities

We’re helping our people share their time and talent with society.

For our people

We’re creating a diverse and inclusive workforce intent on making a difference.

Our network is committed to three global society programmes

Our environment strategy

We aim to run our business on 100% renewable electricity by 2020. We're members of the RE100 coalition. 

We're reducing our flight emissions by changing the way we travel and investing in digital solutions. 

We're consuming less. We're consuming better. And we're working with clients to find ways to further reduce our impact together. 


An online CSR scoring platform. In 2017 we scored 52/100

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Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

We've been listed on the DJSI since 2016

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Purpose Marketing

Measuring societal impact

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Environmental policy

Based on ISO14001 principles and updated manually

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