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taxis fitted with GPS trackers synched with real-time data comparing travel times


uplift in brand favourability


United passengers from Newark Airport


United moved all their JFK flights to Newark Airport (EWR): thousands of employees and a massive fleet of state-of-the-art airplanes.

But how to solve the problem that New Yorkers thought JFK was closer?


With the humble taxi.

The entire industry took notice: nothing like this had ever been attempted: 125 taxis were outfitted with GPS trackers synched with real-time traffic data comparing travel times.


The concept drew attention from all quarters as New Yorkers saw with their very own eyes they could get to EWR up to an hour faster than JFK.

Brand favourability soared to 55%.

So did United passengers from Newark, to +810.000.

Apparently taxis drive more than people; they also drive perceptions.

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