Dentsu Reveals World’s Deepest Gaming Insights


GWI Gaming research and dentsu CCS data are fused together to understand gamers and their behaviours for brands seeking to play, and prosper, in the gaming ecosystem. 

Today, dentsu international announces the launch of its new exclusive dentsu gaming data and insights capabilities; with the fusion of the dentsu Consumer Connection System (CCS) research panel data with specialist gaming data from GWI across 21 markets globally.

GWI is a leading market research company whose flagship study represents more than two billion people worldwide, highlighting how consumers are changing their behaviours. GWI’s gaming data reveals gamers in granular detail, and now with its full integration into CCS, dentsu’s proprietary audience insights tool, it is able to enhance its efforts to create brand love through fandoms; helping game publishers and brands connect more authentically with consumers to become part of gaming culture.

Specifically, this new CCSxGWI fusion means brands can now access high-fidelity portraits of gamers that encompass lifestyle and media attitudes and behaviours (e.g., shopping routines, passions and hobbies, media consumption) as well as deep-rooted gaming habits (e.g., specific genres and games played, in-game purchases, gaming sessions lengths, motivations). This proprietary CCSxGWI fusion opens a new depth of insights directly available for strategy, planning, and activation to connect more effectively with gamers.

In celebration of this new, rich source of CCSxGWI insight being made available, dentsu gaming has also released a free 43-page report, Dentsu: For The Game, which identifies and explores six new gaming archetypes for brands to tap into – along with their typical behaviours and motivations in different parts of the real and virtual world. In the spirit of all things gaming, the team at dentsu has even created a mini-arcade style game to play as the gateway to download the new report from its website at

As gaming is one of the biggest white space media opportunities for brands to engage consumers, including younger, hard to reach audiences, the Dentsu: For The Game report not only looks at who’s playing, but also unpacks the opportunities for brands within this burgeoning marketing channel. This easily digestible guide is broken into two main parts:

  1. The Rise of the Gaming Culture Exploring the prevalence and variety of gaming behaviours and communities and what it means for diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as how the gaming culture and the broader global culture influence one another.
  2. The Place of Brands in the Gaming Economy Identifying the importance of added value to the gaming experience from brands and how to develop a genuine and effective presence within the ecosystem, from in-game only environments and sponsorships, to intellectual property development and gamified commerce.

Peter Huijboom, Global CEO, Media and Global Clients, dentsu international, and one of the executive sponsors of dentsu gaming, comments: “3.5 billion people are predicted to be gamers by 2025, simply trying to group them together as ‘gamers’ isn’t good enough anymore.  With the current economic situation, more so than ever, marketers need to demonstrate how every dollar counts when it comes to building their brands. Therefore, it is critical we’re able to ensure brands are reaching the right audience and targeting effectively for both maximum relevancy and minimal wasted efforts when they venture into new virtual territories and channels.

“When it comes to gaming, this new CCSxGWI fusion is the latest example of how dentsu understands gamers better than anyone else, enabling us to prioritise media which holds attention, is sticky and also cuts through authentically and sustainably into this space.”

This new CCSxGWI data and insight is exclusive to dentsu gaming, which is accessible through dentsu’s production, creative, CXM and media agencies globally, including Carat, dentsu X, iProspect, dentsu Creative, Merkle and the dentsu Japan network. Launched a year ago, the dentsu gaming global solution provides access to specialist strategy, activation and original intellectual property (IP) development for brands seeking to connect with and navigate the gaming ecosystem.

Masaya Nakamura, CEO, Global Solutions, dentsu international, and one of the executive sponsors of dentsu gaming, adds: “As we establish ourselves as the world’s most integrated network, innovations in data, insight and audience understanding like this CCSxGWI fusion reinforce how we know people better than anyone else, at both a local and global level. Our dentsu solutions model also brings together the very best specialist talent together to leverage this insight for our clients’ growth and prosperity.”

Through its network of agencies and teams worldwide dentsu provides bespoke game/IP development, in-game advertising, native in-game builds and digital products, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), talent activation, esports and experiential as its core capabilities through dentsu gaming.

For more information about dentsu gaming and to discover more about gamers by playing to download a copy of the Dentsu: For The Game, please visit

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Consumer Connection System (CCS)
CCS is proprietary worldwide survey exclusive to dentsu and its clients, composed of more than 400,000 respondents, with over 100,000 being the very sort after Gen Z audience. Currently live in 70 markets, it is comprised of 10,500 attributes giving dentsu insight into areas such as consumer interests, passions, values, trust drivers, motivations, and needs.

CCS x GWI Fusion data
Dentsu used unconstrained fusion to connect GWI gaming data with CCS Hub data. This used a fusion algorithm powered by industry recognised software RSMB to match respondents from each dataset, using similar answers to shared questions between the datasets. This fusion methodology has been applied to (and is available in) the following 21 markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United States.

About dentsu gaming
An integrated solution which brings together the extensive gaming heritage and expertise of dentsu japan network with the global scale and specialist capabilities within dentsu international. As a global solution for all agencies within the dentsu Group, dentsu gaming provides access to specialist strategy, activation and original intellectual property (IP) development for brands seeking to connect with and navigate the gaming ecosystem and wider metaverse.

About dentsu international
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