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This notice is effective from 1 May 2022


The D4 product provides advertisers with technology to easily create, manage and serve their advertising assets (in digital display/video or digital out of home channels), in order to create better and more relevant experiences for consumers.  When using our D4 product for digital display/video, it allows advertisers to also measure if a consumer has been shown or interacted with an ad, so advertisers can develop a better understanding which ads are more of interest to consumers.  Accordingly, this privacy notice applies to use of D4 in digital display/video channels.

Scope of this privacy notice

This privacy notice covers our D4 product which is utilized in Australia and New Zealand.  It details the types of data that we collect and how we use, process and deal with that data.

It is important to note that D4 does not capture any personal information (PI), nor does it generate any user profiles or audiences (and therefore no PI or user profiles/audiences can be shared or brokered to 3rd parties).

This privacy notice does not cover:

  • Our website activities
  • Our activities as an employer or receiver of contracted services
  • Other dentsu products
  • The data activities of our partners
  • The data activities of our clients

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Collection and use of data

Our D4 product will receive data once the ad has been played or clicked on.  D4 does NOT store / collect PI or cookies, device IDs or IP addresses.  D4 does not use fingerprinting or other ways to identify consumers based on browsing behaviour.

Given that D4 does not collect data that dentsu can use to identify a consumer, the data that is collected by dentsu is purely anonymous and cannot be used for (re)targeting a consumer in the future.

The data that is collected by dentsu is for reporting purposes, such as which ad content was played, when it was played, whether it was clicked on and when the click happened.

D4 impression and click data is processed and aggregated for reporting purposes. This happens in a secure dentsu operated environment. This data can then be disclosed in reports / dashboards to our advertisers to provide campaign insights and evaluate campaign performance.

Data security

We take reasonable measures to help protect the data we collect from loss, theft, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Dentsu has implemented reasonable, industry-standard security policies, standards and practices designed to protect information from internal and external threats. The degree of protection for each piece of information is based on the risk and consequences associated with having that information compromised. While no security measures will provide for absolute security, all dentsu employees responsible for the management of information have the responsibility to adhere to dentsu’s documented security controls, which are developed commensurate with the understood risk.

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