Dentsu is an integrated growth and transformation partner to the world’s leading organizations. Founded in 1901 in Tokyo, Japan, and now present in over 145 countries and regions, it has a proven track record of nurturing and developing innovations, combining the talents of its global network of leadership brands to develop impactful and integrated growth solutions for clients.

Innovating to impact

For over 120 years, innovation has been a core tenet of dentsu’s offering – exploring new ways to reach, engage and nurture relationships with audiences. Dentsu is at the cutting edge of the industry, producing new ways of working and generating growth through the power of technology and creativity. 

Through innovation, we ensure the impact our clients need to drive growth in their business, while also generating a positive effect on the industry, society, and the world. Innovation at dentsu is always in pursuit of an outcome, meaning we are always focused on the end impact that we’ll have a for a client and their communities. For some businesses this might be hard return on marketing investment or increasing revenues, but for others it may be driving behavioural change, building positive culture or connecting disparate communities.

Our services

Dentsu delivers end-to-end experience transformation (EX) by integrating its services across Media, CXM and Creative; while its business transformation (BX) mindset pushes the boundaries of transformation and sustainable growth for brands, people and society.

Dentsu’s network consists of approximately 160 companies in Japan and six global leadership brands in international markets. Dentsu’s global management team was formed to directly govern its four business regions worldwide: Japan, Americas, EMEA and APAC. 

Dentsu Group Inc.

Dentsu Group Inc. ensures not only group governance, but also empowers all Group companies and their employees to create value and drive innovation. Rather than a conventional holding company, Dentsu Group Inc. aims to bring together its brands and teams to deliver tightly integrated and highly-scaled transformation solutions for clients around the world. 

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