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Almost all Natura’s portfolio is sold by their Beauty Consultants; around 98% of sales pass through their hands. But in 2016, after a survey with its consultants, Natura realized that their consultant’s relationship with the brand was shaken.

They felt abandoned. They did not realise the benefits Natura gave them, saw Natura’s investment focusing only on the public, did not understand their role within Natura and, mainly, did not feel a part of the business.

Natura wanted to emotionally reconnect their beauty consultants, making them fall in love again with the brand and reinforce the power of their relationship network.


mcgarrybowen's strategy was to generate identification, rescue the pride of the consultant’s role and, above all, show that Natura allows them to be protagonists of their own history.

mcgarrybowen developed an innovative partnership with Globo, the largest media channel in Brazil, where a character, Abigail, was licensed in their main soap opera, "A Força do Querer". For the first time in the country, a character overcame the limits of TV and had a life out of it.

Abigail became a Natura Beauty Consultant, and throughout 5 months and 9 product placement inserts, fans were able to follow her evolution step by step. To support this main touchpoint, mcgarrybowen created a structure where all the campaign channels were connected.


TV: Over 107 million impressions. 

Online: Over 7.6 million impressions on Facebook, Globo website and Instagram. 

Instagram: Abigail's Instagram has over 156,000 followers, with more than 5,000 followers in under two hours. 

Radio: The campaign reached 34 million people. 

The character Abigail had a 98% approval rating from the actual consultants. 

The loyalty level of consultants increased 5 points versus previous year, reaching the highest level. 

Natura received over 23,000 new applications to become a Natura Beauty Consultant.

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