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In Western countries, ignorance and taboos surrounding first periods are still strong among teenage girls.

So how could Nett raise awareness of the topic of periods, and be top of mind for teenage girls?


To break the taboo, Isobar created a playful campaign to engage a young female audience, and give them the freedom to talk about their first periods. 

Isobar's idea was to expose how boys of the same age knew even less, and that even periods can be discussed lightly. By downplaying the girls' lack of knowledge and bypassing their embarrassment, and educating them about Toxic Shock Syndrome, Nett gave them a voice and the confidence to talk about periods, worry-free.


3,307,268 views on YouTube and Facebook​.

49,639 social media interactions.

16,225 social media comments – 99% of which were positive​.

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