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Within the bacon category, Oscar Mayer is the clear leader with the #1 share of equity. Oscar Mayer is the gold standard of bacon because it’s hand-selected, naturally sugar cured and hardwood smoked.

But copycats and imitators abound, stealing share because even bad bacon is still pretty good. This furthers the overriding category sentiment that bacon is bacon is bacon. Oscar Mayer needed to demonstrate their bacon’s superiority on an emotional, instinctual level. This was not a battle of the head, to be fought with functional benefits, but a battle of the heart to be won with an unconventional appeal.

mcgarrybowen uncovered a tension in the category: people may love all bacon, but not all bacon is created equal. This tension led to a clear opportunity: show once and for all, and in an unforgettable way, that Oscar Mayer Bacon is the true gold standard.


The objective was to show the world that Oscar Mayer Bacon is the true gold standard of bacon. To achieve that, mcgarrybowen leveraged a cultural moment beyond the bacon category, even beyond the food industry.

With all the heat around cryptocurrencies, mcgarrybowen saw an opportunity to create a cryptocurrency backed by the only bacon worth its weight in gold. To drive consumer engagement connecting Oscar Mayer Bacon to bitcoin, mcgarrybowen needed to tap into not just bacon lovers but financial media and cryptocurrency fanatics.

mcgarrybowen created a dual PR and social program that leveraged a mobile-first microsite, relevant digital channels and media outreach to effectively reach these targets. By tapping into these highly engaged communities, mcgarrybowen were able to target top-tier influencers and users engaged in bitcoin and technology conversations. Drafting off the fervour of these audiences, mcgarrybowen were able to take the message mainstream.


First Week Results
865m+ total earned impressions.
Over 130,000 pageviews.
Over 20,000 registrations.
New Visitors: 86%.
Time Spent on-site: 2:42.

Press Coverage
102 online articles.
91 media social posts.
5 broadcast clips.
96% of online articles have positive/neutral sentiment.

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