dentsu APAC Team


From June 11 to 13, dentsu Asia Pacific took center stage at Retail’s Big Show APAC 2024 as an exhibitor. Our mission? To unveil our latest game-changer: Infinite Commerce Experiences. Drawing from our world-class media, creative, and customer experience practices, we showcased how this solution architects dynamic omnichannel customer journeys. Imagine cutting-edge technology integrations, unparalleled insights, intelligently scaled content production, and, crucially, outstanding creative—all woven into one amazing customer experience.

The Booth: Where Innovation Meets Retail Magic

Our booth buzzed with energy, bringing together experts from different agencies at dentsu APAC. Brands and retailers flocked to discover what’s possible. We didn’t just share our latest commerce solution; we opened a window to the future. From Business Transformation to retail NFTs, we revealed infinite opportunities for retailers to elevate their customer experiences.

Our Booth Partners

Logo of Salesforce


It is a cloud-based software company that provides a comprehensive suite of customer relationship management (CRM) applications and tools. Its services are designed to unify sales, customer service, marketing automation, e-commerce, analytics, and application development. By leveraging Salesforce, companies can streamline their processes, find more prospects, close more deals, and connect with customers to offer exceptional service at scale. The platform brings together data from various sources, enabling businesses to have a single, shared view of customer information. With the integration of artificial intelligence across its products, Salesforce aims to enhance productivity and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Logo of BytePlus


BytePlus is a technology company that offers a range of products aimed at accelerating business growth globally. It provides advanced technology solutions, including data analytics and artificial intelligence, to help businesses build better products, deliver richer experiences, and drive growth. BytePlus is known for its intelligent services platform, which is a spin-off of ByteDance/TikTok's AI Technology.

Logo of Rokt


ROKT Japan is part of the global leader in e-commerce technology, ROKT, which specializes in optimizing the transaction moment for businesses. The company’s mission is to make e-commerce more human, focusing on enhancing the shopping experience for customers. ROKT provides solutions that enable companies like Uber, Live Nation, AMC Theatres, PayPal, Hulu, Staples, and Lands' End to make every transaction more relevant, increase revenue, and acquire new customers at scale. 


Sushi Top Marketing

Sushi Top Marketing is a company that specializes in NFT distribution services. They offer a comprehensive range of services from planning and consultation to system development, with a focus on Token-Graph Marketing. Their vision is to create a culture around this new marketing method. They aim to be at the forefront of Web 3.0 era marketing by leveraging NFTs to create new customer experiences and engagement strategies.

Logo of GNUS


GNUS, also known as 株式会社GNUS, is a company that provides products essential for digital transformation (DX) and business innovation. They offer services from the planning stage to development and operation, all delivered with the agility of a startup and the expertise of professional freelancers. GNUS's approach is to provide a team that supports businesses through the necessary changes and developments required for effective digital transformations.

Logo of LMI


It is an organization that specializes in leadership and management development programs. Their services are focused on enhancing eadership and management skills within organizations. They offer a variety of programs aimed at improving personal productivity and organizational effectiveness. LMI's services are tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses, focusing on creating leaders who can drive change and foster growth within their organizations. They use a combination of academic research and practical application to ensure that their programs deliver tangible results.

Logo of Canly


Canly is a company that specializes in SaaS (Software as a Service), particularly in the development of Canly, a tool designed for chain store operators. This tool enables centralized management of multiple social media platforms, making it easier for businesses to handle their online presence and customer interactions. With a presence in over 68,000 stores domestically in Japan and internationally, Canly is focused on improving store traffic and reducing operational costs through efficient online management.

Logo of unerry


Unerry is a company that creates a comfortable future through data. They focus on digitizing real-world data to generate new societal “waves” and implement “environmental intelligence” that blends the real and digital worlds. Unerry leverages AI to interpret vast amounts of data, supporting retail marketing and smart city initiatives with their innovative platform and services.

Key Trends at NRF APAC

  1. First-Party Data: Brands and retailers, listen up!  First-party data is your secret weapon. Dive into our insights on leveraging data to drive growth and personalization.
  2. AI & Machine Learning: The future belongs to the smart. Explore how AI and Machine Learning power personalized experiences, predictive analytics, and smarter decision-making.
  3. Customer Experience: It’s not just a buzzword; it’s the heart of retail success. Discover how we create lifetime engagement through seamless, memorable interactions.

Keynote Insights

  • Delivering Customer Value through the Power of Customer Data

Retailers should adopt data and digital tools to improve customer understanding and loyalty initiatives. A data-centric approach and customer consent are key for tailored experiences. Commitment to data through programs like ‘one-pass’ is essential, offering customer value. Trust is vital, and AI can foster this with personalized interactions. Embracing a data culture via customer lifetime value models is fundamental to a successful data-driven organization.

  • Global Retail Media — Insights Unfold, Stories Untold

Retail media’s expansion offers chances to improve shopping experiences but requires balancing brand and consumer priorities. Shoppers now favor value from discounters, challenging marketers. Innovation targets digital displays, connected TV, and in-house skills. Effective retail media strategies and digitization are crucial for growth. Success measurement should be stage-specific and focus on simple, clear metrics. Data sharing and skill development enhance industry collaboration. Transparency and trust are vital, with consumer-centricity being the goal for brands and retailers.

  • Sustainable Practices in Retail

Retail sustainability is essential, focusing on ethical sourcing, supply chain management, and brand collaboration. It’s a business imperative, not just an expert topic. Scalability hinges on understanding and implementing sustainable supply chains. Top-down practical solutions can spark significant organizational changes. To cut carbon emissions and influence consumer habits, focus on measurement & reporting, decarbonization, and credible carbon offsets for net-zero goals. With a surge in demand for eco-friendly packaging, customer awareness is shaping market trends. The youth’s sustainability drive compels brands to align with evolving preferences. Partnerships are crucial, linking sustainability with profitability.

Conclusion: Unleash the Commerce Magic

Infinite Commerce Experiences isn’t just a solution; it’s a revolution. Brands, retailers, and consumers—brace yourselves. With dentsu APAC, the magic is real. Let’s transform commerce, one unforgettable experience at a time.