As budgets tighten and consumer attention becomes sparser, it’s harder and harder to create campaigns that reach the right audience effectively. That’s why it’s so important to build out the right customer acquisition plans, and even more importantly their retention strategies.  

Unfortunately, many brands splinter their focus between top-funnel marketing and sales conversion, displacing a large share of the ad budget that goes wasted due to our ever-decreasing span of attention. A study by Playground XYZ found that only 56% of ads are noticed (or glanced at) by the human eye, neglecting the other half of the oh-so-crucial marketing dollars. The attention economy is as precious as data today, and as marketers this fascinates and alarms us at the same time.  

Marketers measure their ad’s success based on viewability, but this does not necessarily measure ad success. Attention metrics have emerged as a critical yardstick for providing insight into ad effectiveness. But how can you measure consumer attention? Fortunately, we can help share some insight with you based on our learnings from our partnership with Lumen Research - an attention technology company that uses eye tracking to optimize media buying and creative development.  

We aimed to understand the effectiveness of our digital campaigns for our largest FMCG client across Meta, YouTube, Programmatic Display, and Programmatic Video. We partnered with Lumen to understand the optimal attention time threshold and determine whether attention metrics translate into better campaign performance, completion rates, click-through rates, ad recall, and even brand uplift effectiveness.  

As anticipated, the results were fascinating. We discovered that attention time has a strong positive correlation with the effectiveness of the ad campaign, leading us to culminate four learnings to maximize your digital advertising effectiveness for future campaigns. The attention economy is not growing, and budgets aren’t bottomless – this means media channels and creative campaigns must optimize their existing resources to get the most out of every marketing dollar.  

If we've caught your eye with these exciting insights about the attention economy, leverage our learnings to craft your next digital campaign with our Solving the Attention Conundrum whitepaper.

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