Biti’s partners Dentsu Redder to Celebrate 40 Iconic Years by Teaming up with 40 up-and-coming Local Artists to Share their Personal Insights

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As part of its 40th-anniversary celebration, Biti’s has partnered dentsu Redder and teamed up with forty up-and-coming young local artists across various industry sectors from animators, tattoo artists, mixologists, chefs, and graphic designers to share their perspectives on topics pertaining to LGBT rights, creative, tech, e-sports, F&B scene etc through their unique crafts. 

To mark the occasion, dentsu Redder will be launching an interactive website to celebrate Biti’s 40th anniversary.  A 40-frame 1.6-second video content titled “A Step Forward” was produced to depict 40 stories of the country’s progress and advancement by 40 young artists. Each frame represents the advancement of a specific area; from export, tourism, tech economy, local pride, music, sustainability, self-expression, beauty standards, urbanization, etc that focuses on 40 unique creations that are connected with the aim to bring one big step forward for Vietnam. 

“We are excited to work with Biti’s on their 40th-anniversary brand campaign.” Said Livio Grossi, Group Creative Director, dentsu Redder. “This is a monumental moment for the iconic brand which has been around for such a long time. We are working closely with the Biti’s team to create a website that captures these young artists’ interpretations of life through their eyes. We look forward to bringing the story to life.” 

Video content can be found here: 
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As part of the campaign, dentsu Redder will be bringing together 40 artists and their creations in a multimedia exhibition at:

The Ants Studio

Address: 03 Đông Tây 1, Khu Phố 5, Quận 2 - Hồ Chí Minh City  

Date & Time: 17/12: 12PM - 9PM (last call 8PM) |   18/12: 9AM - 9PM (last call 8PM)

The exhibition is open to the public free of charge. 


Dentsu Redder

Advisors: Hùng Võ, Uyên Phạm
Executive Creative Director: Edmund Choe
Group Creative Director: Livio Grossi
Copywriters: Lâm Trần, Vy Bùi, Tuấn Cao
Art Director: Dung Cao
Design team: Quỳnh Dương, Trân Đỗ, Trang Ngô, Louis Codron, Trân Đỗ, Minh Trung, Phước Thịnh, Hà Ny, Hoàng Anh, Thư Lê, Thành Đàm, Trung Đông, Dương Dương, Quỳnh Dương
Production team: Sang Ngô, Bình Nguyễn, Hưng Nguyễn, Thố Phan
Social team: Chi Lê, My Trần, Vân Lê
Traffic team: Khánh Lý, Anh Phan
Account team: Hiếu Bùi, Tiên Lê, Ngân Dương, Lộc Hoàng, Gia Bảo
Strategy team: Vân Kiều, Phát Đỗ

Biti’s Vietnam
Production Partners: C+P, Vietcetera, The Lab SG, LALA Land, Westa, VC Corp
Artists: Chí-An, Quỷ Cốc Tử, Chinh Ba, Hà Minh Khôi, Ươm Art Hub, PASPEGGA, CHIE x MERA, Chợ Chời Creative, Chú Môi, The Lab SG, Summer Lê, MATSAUMAYRAM, Một Quả Tắc, Hoàng Anh, Dong_4, Nhân Gaaus, Lai Thượng Hưng, Quyen & Nam Station, Kama, Thuận Huỳnh, Huy Ròm, Danis Nguyễn, Loan Cao, Todd Huỳnh, Studio É È ft. Cam, La Zung, Tèo Phạm, Yenjii Vu, HEO ĐẤT,, Tùng Chu, Nam Long, Bảo Việt, JIJI & MINMIN, From Another, Mai Vũ, Nguyễn Ngọc Tiến, BT Studio - Hoàng Hiếu, TIDU, Người Đá

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Karen Chang | Associate Communications Director, dentsu Asia Pacific