Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Change: Dentsu Hong Kong unveils dentsuHER Content Hub on International Women’s Day

Published on:

8 March, 2024 | Revealing the Power Portraits of Affluent Women in Hong Kong 

In line with this year's International Women's Day theme of "Accelerate Progress," which focuses on gender equality and women's rights to healthier lives, dentsu Hong Kong proudly unveils the dentsuHER Content Hub - an industry-first platform that holds insights into the needs and wants of the affluent women in Hong Kong who through their resilience and endeavors have become a powerful segment with high disposable income and spending power. 

What sets HER apart? 

Recent data highlights a groundbreaking shift in Hong Kong, where affluent women have surpassed men in numbers, signifying a pivotal moment in the region. This significant occurrence is part of a larger trend in Asia, where women's wealth ranks second only to that in North America. From dynamic ‘Alpha Women’ to devoted mothers, these women share a common quest for personal autonomy. 

We believe that every woman has a different story to tell, and by amplifying these stories, we can bridge the gap in serving the unique needs and aspirations of the powerful affluent female audience, recognizing that when women thrive, businesses flourish. 

HER Story, Our Inspiration 

This innovative platform goes beyond the surface and delves deeply into the ten key insights into the lives of affluent women, offering a comprehensive understanding of their behaviours and preferences. These insights encompass a wide range of aspects, including achieving a balance between family and career, prioritizing health and wellness, embracing technology, and engaging with social media. Additionally, the dentsuHER portal goes beyond in understanding the intricacies of each type of 'Alpha Woman’, offering an in-depth exploration of The Six Archetypes of Affluence: the Intuitive Explorer, the Compassionate Planner, the Dazzling Diva, the Opinionated Protector, the Visionary Leader, and the Contented Free Spirit. Utilizing dentsuHER's meticulous data analysis and extensive research, this transformative portal will inspire marketers to tap into new revenue growth and project an inclusive image while partnering with dentsuHER to develop relevant propositions, product designs, brand experiences to cater to align with HER needs. 

Join dentsuHER on a journey of exploration to uncover HER boundless potential, tailor-made for your exceptional brand. Find out more here.