dentsu Hong Kong launches dentsuHER to help clients drive growth within underserved affluent female segment

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Hong Kong — dentsu Hong Kong today announced the launch of dentsuHER, a set of customizable and scalable go-to-market propositions which allow brands in Hong Kong in address the hugely underserved, but increasingly powerful affluent female audience. Fronted by a cross-practice senior female leadership team, dentsuHER aims to provide clients with cut-through in traditionally male-focused verticals that are currently missing out on high levels of potential spend by an affluent female segment. These include wealth management, investment, auto and property.

According to YouGov 2023, the Hong Kong population of Affluent Women (53%) has already surpassed Affluent Men (46%), while the population growth of both Affluent Women and Upper Emerging Affluent Women are also climbing by 12% and 6% respectively.2 As women’s status continues to rise, women are also open to more choices in the consumer product categories. Apart from the expected categories such as luxury and skincare, dentsu Hong Kong also sees significant potential in traditionally male-focused categories even extending to sectors like pet care and retirement planning as more women chose to be single or married with no kids. Not recognizing or capitalizing on such trends will be a significant missed opportunity for marketers.

dentsuHER, by HER

dentsu Hong Kong, a leading integrated marketing agency, counts over 63% of senior staff as female.  Its female leaders span three of dentsu’s practice areas including Creative, Media and Customer Experience Marketing and has been assembled to lead the launch of dentsuHER. The team includes Anna Wong (Chief Growth Officer, Creative), Cherry Choy (Business Director, Media), Ann Zhang (Senior Strategy Director).

dentsuHER aims to provide customizable, scalable go-to-market proposals for clients by tapping into relevant consumer data insights to identify unmet need gaps to effect a fuller spectrum of consultations from R&D, product proposition to communications. An insight report with key findings pertaining to clients’ verticals are developed, followed by workshops with core clients to further explore relevant solutions and partnerships which better serve their affluent female customers.

“Nothing is better than tapping into our expertise to develop a meaningful, purposeful and impactful proposal, especially for a topic that is closely related to us as females who play multiple roles in our lives as an individual: a mother, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist. The fact remains that many distinct vertical markets are still stuck in the past, seeing only a male audience as potential customers. Women in Hong Kong today are more independent and have greater spending power than ever before and we’re excited to help our clients reach them in an authentic way which gives recognizes their true status.” – Anna Wong, Chief Growth Officer, dentsu Creative.

An impact beyond from Business to Society

Underpinning the purpose of dentsuHER is dentsu’s belief in Business to Business to Society; contributing to the society through solving clients’ business challenges. At dentsu Hong Kong, there are talents with diverse backgrounds and expertise. dentsuHER is led by a strong team of females who has allies from the entire organization ready to contribute.

Image of the team for dentsuHER

The dentsuHER team

  • Anna Wong, Chief Growth Officer, Creative
  • Jacqueline Law, Chief Client Officer, Creative
  • Diana Tam, Managing Partner & Director of Operations, Creative
  • Cherry Choy, Business Director, Media
  • Naomi Chan, Business Director, Media
  • Ann Zhang, Senior Strategy Director
  • Yan Yeung, Creative Director
  • Vivian Ko, Associate Creative Director
  • Rachael Ma, Analytics Consulting Manager
  • Michelle Chan, Growth Marketing & PR Communications Manager



2 YouGov, 2023. Affluent: MH of HKD80k+ or investible assets of HKD1mil+; Upper Emerging Affluent: MH of HKD45k – 80k or investible assets of HKD500k – 1mil).

Source: YouGov Hong Kong.

  • Affluent Women vs Affluent Men (2023): 53% vs 47% (+6%)
  • Affluent Women (2023 vs 2018): 53% vs 41% (+12%)
  • Upper Emerging Affluent Women (2023 vs 2018): 50% vs 44% (+6%)

3 dentsu Hong Kong Internal HR data as of October 2023.