Dentsu joins Roblox Partner Program as founding agency holding company

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Dentsu named as the first advertising holding company partner; Multi-year, strategic partnership provides clients with new levels of access to growing and engaged community of more than 66 million daily active users.

Dentsu Group Inc. announced today that it has joined the new Roblox Partner Program as a founding partner. The multi-year, strategic partnership with Roblox (NYSE: RBLX), the global immersive platform where millions of people connect and communicate daily, builds upon an existing relationship between the two organizations that began in Japan and is now expanding globally. As part of the Roblox Partner Program, dentsu can offer its clients a more in-depth education and access to one of the world’s fastest growing global platforms along with the unparalleled opportunity to scale brand innovation, driving growth.

The first advertising holding company to be named, dentsu will help accelerate brand innovation on the platform by supporting brand and IP experience development, expanding the breadth and depth of developers on the roster, and co-architecting a new, immersive advertising model with Roblox. The agreement is the latest in a series of metaverse and Web3 initiatives at dentsu, as it builds out the industry’s most robust technology, infrastructure, and service model for clients to take advantage of future trends and next-generation immersive environments.

As a result of the partnership, dentsu clients will gain insight into Roblox’s advertising technology innovation and utilize dentsu’s expanding development resources to co-create custom experiences that bring their brands closer to their audiences.

The new agreement is a milestone in dentsu’s existing relationship with Roblox. Over the last three years, dentsu clients from the automotive and FMCG sectors have been creating deeply immersive experiences on the platform which reach audiences in new and engaging ways. In Japan, dentsu and Roblox are working with creator communities to bring unique IPs onto the platform, and this will receive a further boost as the two organizations work more closely under the new partnership.

“Dentsu and Roblox together is a huge win for our client brands and their fans! We have been working together in Japan for some time but to be named as the first agency holding company on the roster in this global partnership announcement is really special,” said Brent Koning, EVP Gaming, dentsu. “What this means for clients is access to a unique level of insight into one of the most exciting platforms on the planet and for dentsu it is a chance to take our creative minds to new places as we get under-the-hood access to Roblox.”

“Dentsu, one of the world's largest advertising networks, has immersive content development in their DNA, and the ability to infuse Japanese pop-culture strategy in everything they do,” said Christina Wootton, VP of Global Partnerships, Roblox. “As a global partner in our new Roblox Partner Program, their dedicated Gaming and Experience teams will enable the brand and advertising community to bridge the gap and scale brand innovation on Roblox globally.”