Dentsu Singapore and Grasp form first APAC partnership to deliver media excellence in the region

Published on:

Dentsu Singapore and Grasp have formed a partnership to deliver media excellence across APAC, the first in the region.

The partnership will leverage dentsu Singapore's media expertise and Grasp's proprietary preventive media and data excellence technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of media excellence solutions including campaign configuration verification, golden rule monitoring, and audience measurement. The joint offering will serve to meet the evolving needs of brands in the region by optimising ad spend and ensuring that the important aspects of digital advertising strategies are followed meticulously.

Hemant Menon, Client Partner & Performance Marketing Lead, Media Group, dentsu Singapore, commented: “Dentsu Singapore has been at the forefront of providing real and tangible solutions to help our clients in delivering successful media strategies across the region. As media channels continue to evolve, it is more important than ever to ensure that digital campaigns are delivered with precision, accuracy, and efficiency. With Grasp’s unique proposition of advocating conscious and responsible solutions and dentsu’s experience in media execution, we will now be able to offer unparalleled media excellence solutions for brands across APAC."

Stephanie Phua, Performance Director, Media Group, dentsu Singapore, added: "Given the complex and fragmented set up of the APAC digital landscape, our clients will appreciate the efficiency and flawless platform navigation that our partnership with Grasp offers. With Grasp’s pioneering media excellence technology, we will be able to deliver media excellence by mitigating overspend in digital campaigns, ensuring accurate implementation of brand naming conventions in campaigns, and by embedding central governance of campaign set up standards for seamless campaign execution to extract more value from media.” 

Jessica Michen, COO of Grasp, said: "We are thrilled to partner with dentsu Singapore to deliver media excellence in the APAC region. Dentsu Singapore's reputation as a leading agency in the region and our unique preventive technology in media excellence make this a powerful partnership that will deliver value to brands across the region."

Outside of Singapore, dentsu also partners with Grasp in Italy, United States, France and South Africa.