Dentsu Thailand and Google Thailand Empower Marketers with 'Beyond Data — The GA4 Empowerment Summit'

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  • Key highlight topics include evolving landscape of conversion measurement, utilizing first-party data to establish a single source of truth, and enhancing customer experiences through predictive audience analysis and customer behavioral insights with industry leaders' success stories that emphasized the impact of GA4 on media capabilities and customer experiences.
  • Exclusively-by-invitation participants were inspired to embrace data-driven growth potential and superior customer experiences enabled by GA4 capabilities as well as outcome-driven local and regional case studies presented.
  • dentsu's comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions complement GA4, providing outstanding accomplishments for clients. In addition, dentsu Thailand is the only network agency authorized as Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner Reseller for GA4 in Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand - dentsu Thailand and Google Thailand partnered to host the highly anticipated 'dentsu x Google Thailand: Beyond Data: The GA4 Empowerment Summit.' ' This exclusive event brought together industry leaders and marketing professionals to explore data-driven strategies and unveil invaluable insights to drive business growth using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and its impact not only on media capabilities but also improving customer experience.

The summit showcased the revolutionary impact of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in today's marketing landscape through four thought-provoking sessions. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the ever-changing landscape of conversion measurement, navigating privacy innovations affecting traditional identifiers like third-party cookies and device IDs. Emphasizing the value of first-party data, marketers discovered ways to gather profound insights into consumer behavior while respecting privacy.

Alex Oakden, Head of Tech Partnerships SEA at Google, expressed the significance of data in their strategy, stating, "Data is the foundation of our strategy, and GA4 enables us to manage the shifting terrain and make more informed decisions."

Merkle Singapore's inspiring success story during the second session highlighted the creation of a Single Source of Truth with GA4, leading to cost-effective media strategies and precise audience targeting. "GA4 transformed our strategy by providing laser-focused audience analytics. It has been critical in shaping our strategies to achieve excellent outcomes for our clients," said Sanchit Mendiratta, Managing Director Merkle Singapore.

During Krungthai Bank's Success Stories session, participants learned the significance of setting clear goals, asking the right questions to drive business growth as well as a well-defined process for data-driven success deliverable. By leveraging GA4's predictive audience analysis, they successfully improved their conversion rates and cost per conversion.

The summit's final session emphasized the fundamental principle of 'Data Strategy' for business expansion, highlighting the crucial role of customer experience enabled by data. Executives urged marketers to understand genuine consumer behaviors, enabling personalized strategies. Kittipong Ruksa, Head of Data Innovation Business at dentsu CXM, emphasized, "Customer experience is as important as the data itself. GA4 allowed us to understand customer behavior and align strategies with their needs, resulting in a winning formula for success."

The 'Dentsu x Google Thailand: Beyond Data: The GA4 Empowerment Summit' inspired marketers to unlock the full potential of GA4 and develop data-driven strategies. The shared ideas and success stories unveiled the path to data-driven growth and enhanced consumer experiences. Businesses can thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape with GA4 as a formidable ally, achieving extraordinary success and forging lasting connections with their consumers. Thanoos Kerdlaup, Head of CX Consulting Business at dentsu CXM, encapsulated the essence of the summit, stating, "Our journey with GA4 has been transformative. Together with Dentsu and Google, we are shaping a data-driven future, unlocking untapped potential, and writing the next chapter of customer experience."

"We believe that data is the cornerstone of success in today's dynamic business landscape." The 'dentsu x Google Thailand: Beyond Data: The GA4 Empowerment Summit' reaffirmed our commitment to unlocking the true capabilities of GA4 for our clients. With GA4 as an ally and dentsu's end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions, we have the expertise to lead the way in data-driven marketing excellence, generating measurable results, and overcoming business challenges.", Wisarn Sirijantanon, CEO, dentsu Media Thailand concluded.