Dentsu Thailand's Media agencies: Carat, dentsu X, and iProspect lead the industry, reinforcing dentsu Media's dominance with 34.6% market share among the big six global agency groups

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Bangkok, Thailand – In a recent report by, dentsu Thailand's media agencies Carat, dentsu X, and iProspect have continued to soar as the frontrunners in the advertising industry, solidifying dentsu’s media dominance in the country. With an impressive 34.6% share of the media market, dentsu Media has outperformed its closest competitor by a significant gap of 6.2 percentage points.

Carat has maintained its leading position as No.1 Media Agency, securing the top spot with an impressive score of 23 quali-points. The agency not only excels in the Structure ranking but also ranks second in Vitality, showcasing its strong capabilities. Carat continues to attract a diverse range of clients, both big and local, and maintains a significant lead in terms of client numbers.

Not to be outshone, dentsu X Thailand agency shares the number one position with Carat, also earning 23 quali-points and retaining its dominant profile. The agency's strength lies in the Vitality ranking, where it claims the top spot. Moreover, dentsu X has shown exceptional performance in securing new business, surpassing its competitors by a considerable margin over the past year.

Meanwhile, iProspect Thailand agency has achieved a remarkable increase of 4 points in its quali-score, reaching a high-profile status with 16 quali-points. Alongside Carat, iProspect dominates the Structure ranking and continues to excel in the Exposure to Top3 Clients category, solidifying its reputation. This noteworthy accomplishment marks iProspect's peak performance in the industry.

Dentsu Media maintains its position as the industry leader, further establishing its dominance. With the exceptional performance of Carat, dentsu X, and iProspect, dentsu has firmly established itself as the preferred choice for media management in Thailand. This latest achievement cements their reputation as the go-to agencies for delivering outstanding results in the media landscape.

RECMA is the leading independent research company that tracks the performance of media agencies around the globe; its latest report, the ‘Overall Activity Volume’ report evaluates over 900 media agencies across 70 countries. It is the reference quantitative ranking based on activity volume, a metric including both traditional buying billings and non-traditional activities covering online paid media as well as fee-based activities on digital, data & analytics, content, marketing, sponsoring.

“I am delighted and deeply honoured that dentsu's media agency has once again secured the top spot in the media sector rankings for the second consecutive year and incredibly proud to have maintained our champion status in the quali-pack performance for eight years in a row now. These accomplishments emphasize our commitment to the creation of integrated media solutions using deep data and insights, cutting-edge technologies, and AI-powered proprietary tools. Our aim is to enhance effectiveness and efficiency through precision, resulting in the maximization of value for our clients' businesses. I’d like to express my gratitude to all parties involved, especially our dedicated team members, who have worked tirelessly together not only to achieve success for our clients but also with great service, consultative, and partnership attitudes.” Wisarn Sirijantanon, CEO of dentsu media and CARAT Thailand.