Dentsu x Release Motivations Study to Help Brands Understand Consumers Better

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Today, dentsu X release the findings from their Motivations Study, helping brands better understand the innermost drivers that influence people to act in certain ways. By understanding these Motivations, dentsu X are able to drive growth for brands by decoding behaviour and connecting with valuable audiences like never before.

The fact files dive into how Motivations play a role in customer decisions, and why traditional data often fails to capture these nuances. Profiling more than 400,000 people in 70 markets across the world, the study identified six core Motivations that drive everyone at varying levels: Accomplishment, Affection, Information, Possession, Power and Protection.​ Each core Motivation is comprised of 25 sub-Motivations that are defined by individual statements that help dive deeper into the uniqueness of each person and their drivers.

The Motivations Study is being released as part of dentsu X’s privately owned and operated consumer insight tool CCS. Through CCS, brands are able to understand audiences on a deeper, human level. This includes understanding media behaviours, lifestyles, passions, favourite brands, and category behaviours.

The Motivations fact files include:

  1. A deeper look at understanding people’s Motivations, such as why a customer buys a product and why they do the things they do.
  2. How understanding Motivations is important for understanding target audiences and bridging the expectation gap to become more relevant.
  3. How understanding Motivations is helping clients target truly relevant audiences with creative messages, plan intricate offline events and break biases in product positioning.

Prerna Mehrotra, CEO of dentsu Media APAC, said: “In today’s data-rich environment, for brands to be truly relevant, it is important for them to understand the underline motivations behind audience behaviours. We are excited to share local insights on how understanding motivations can close the disconnect between the product offering and what consumers really wants. Even within markets we see distinct nuances that make the core Motivation different from the sub-Motivation. This report will help our clients understand the human truths about their audience empowering the brand’s planning process across all marketing disciplines.”

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